Apollo Duet (RF Radio Frequency, Electroporation)- skin care

Apollo Duet removes wrinkles by 1MHz RF, regenerating collagen using the power of the skin without any surgery.

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Apollo Duet
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May 12, 2023
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Product name Apollo Duet (RF Radio Frequency, Electroporation)- skin care Certification FDA , CE
Category Other Beauty Equipment Ingredients -
Keyword aesthetic device , beauty device , medical spa , radio freqency Unit Size 320.0 * 175.0 * 330.0 mm
Brand name Apollo Duet Unit Weigh 8 kg
origin South Korea Stock 1
Supply type Available,OEM HS code 8543702020

Product Information


Apollo Duet - Facial skincare beauty system  


Apollo Duet is a fundamental skincare device for professional aesthetician, professional beautician, cosmetologist and dermatologists.


Apollo Duet provide  radio frequency  and  electroporation  function.

Also, it can be used as

* Cyro electroporation

* Thermo electroporation

* Smart RF

* 630nm LED

* +/- polarity





The device provides complex solution against most skin problem such as

* Skin lifting

* Face contouring

* Skin tightening

* wrinkle care

* Acne care

* Skin brightening and so on



# Electroporation

Electroporation makes pores open and allow macromolecules to enter through cellular membrane.

So when you are with Apollo Duet, all kind of liquid solution is delivered into the skin effectively like this principle.

This is really important point. Although people have quiet good cosmetic, if it isn’t delivered to the skin, it is not worth it. But if they can penetrate active ingredients into the skin properly, the cosmetic finally works in the skin. So Electroporation of Apollo Duet is awesome!



# Radio Frequency

It stimulates fibroblast in the skin and regenerate aged collagen. RF improves your skin condition and lifts the skin by this mechanism. You can feel that skin gets tightened, lifted and wrinkle is reduced.

Overall, it will reduces signs of aging and made your face look better.





# Powerful Cooling

-20℃ of strong cooling function cools down skin after aesthetic operation such as laser or MTS and it reduces Downtime and PIH risk.

Cooling system protects skin surface and intercept blood vessel absorbing by contracting a capillary during penetration of solution.



# Strong Heating

45 ℃ of strong heating function warms up skin during operation.

Warmed up skin and muscle get relaxed and reduce pain.

Effectiveness of electroporation can be maximized by setting the applicator as same as body temperature.



# +/- polarity

- Strong enough

- Migration of pulse

- Penetration



If you have any question about our product, please feel free to contact us.







Apollo duet is a professional aesthetic device.

▶ ▶ Electroporation plus Radio Frequency ◀◀

For open aesthetic, it is essential device.

The more you have Apollo Duet, the more customer you will have



of Apollo Duet.

l   1 MHz is optimum for targeting face skin.

l   630nm RED LED helps skin tightening and anti-aging.

l   You can provide more safe and more effective operation by

Real Time check system for the skin temperature


of Apollo Duet

l   5KHz mid-level frequency currents delivers active ingredient into the skin effectively.

l   No bleeding, No pain, No downtime. => No worry. 

l   Quick and long lasting temperature can provide you synergy effect.

l   Up to 45

l   Dow to -20




Thanks to the high quality function,


Apollo Duet is available for

l   Solution delivery => Best

l   Collagen regeneration => Best

l   Pore minimization

l   Skin tightening

l   Skin lifting

l   Skin texture

l   Anti-Wrinkle

l Glow skin 









Website:  www.weeroweero.com


Company Introduction:  https://youtu.be/36flKxJctqY


Apollo Duet 1 (Introduction):  https://youtu.be/DW_dnZcd0-s


Apollo Duet 2 (RF Neck Lifting):  https://youtu.be/9OE9WG0Vn9U


Apollo Duet 3 (Israel Interview):  https://youtu.be/oN1gUsCWRLo



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
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May 12, 2023
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David Lee
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Thank you for visiting Weero Website.

Weero is a young company consisting of Beauty and Aesthetic medical industry experts and provides Aesthetic & Beauty device to right market. Weero does R&D, OEM, distributing and exporting device, program, solution, etc to partners who have been looking for high quality and trendy item.Weero aims to be a global leader to provide the world best device over the world.


Comforting the users and the related people is Weero’s utmost value and vision. Weero will provide valuable goods to our customers so that they could improve their skin and to be comforted by the result. For this, Weero will keep developing and supplying Aesthetic devices, beauty solution, aesthetic medical device & health care items.


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