Insan Bamboo Salt (9 times) Solid

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3 INSAN Inc.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Insan Bamboo Salt (9 times) Solid

    True bamboo salt flowing like fiery lava at 1600℃! Original bamboo salt contains an abundance of
    minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, ion, germanium, selenium and magnesium.
    Insan Bamboo Salt Original (9 times) Solid :70g / 240g / 500g / 1kg 
    ※ It is best to take small amounts of Insan Bamboo Salt as often as possible by placing the salt in the
    mouth and allowing it to melt on your tongue.






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    3 INSAN Inc.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Kim Yun Se

    • Address

      23 26 Sudongnonggonggil Sudongmyeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Foods,Food Additives

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      About Insanga
      Home of bamboo salt! To Introduce insanga.

      A Korean-style Green Company
      A company based on traditional Korean ideals.
      The company is based on the innovative idea that "It is good to take in certain amounts of high-quality Salt".
      Insanga has challenged the world's conventional idea that salted food causes harmful effects to the body.
      Insanga has taken steps to further the science surrounding the consumption of natural Korean-made elements, following up on the intentions of the late Dr. Kim Ilhun. Insanga began commercializing the world's first Bamboo Salt in 1987.
      Since its establishment, Insanga has placed emphasis on using the best in quality products and technical development so as to ensure perfect quality and product safety.Dana-Farber Cancer Center at Harvard University, the world's foremost cancer authority, as well as a wide range of other researchers has proved the safety and effectiveness of Insan Bamboo Salt. Insanga had already recommended consuming useful foods, focusing on the anti-cancer effects of garlic even before the establishment of company. We have developed Garlic-Bamboo Salt and Traditional Bamboo Salt Pastes, which have indeed improved Korean health overall. Insanga continues to make enormous effort in research and production, maximizing the value of natural Korean products and focusing on excellent functional quality. Insanga moves forward based on Korean traditions, with fresh ideas and  new technology.


    • Main Product
      • Insan Bamboo Salt _9 times_ Solid

        Insan Bamboo Salt (9 times) Solid

    • Verified Certificate HALAL HACCP
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