Kwangdong PINEMAXGOLD Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate Oil  Health Supplement  Food  for Diabetes

Kwangdong PINEMAXGOLD Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate Oil Health Supplement Food for Diabetes

“The product can help you to regulate your healthy blood sugar level.”

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South Korea South Korea / 2019
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Trading Company
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Product name Kwangdong PINEMAXGOLD Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate Oil Health Supplement Food for Diabetes Certification -
Category Other Foods
Palm Oil
Plant Extract
Health Care Supplement
Nutrition Supplements
Ingredients -
Keyword health food , health supplements , korean food , diabetes care Unit Size 265.0 * 45.0 * 410.0 mm
Brand name KWANGDONG Unit Weigh 800 g
origin South Korea Stock 10000
Supply type OBM,OEM HS code 2106909099

Product Information

BIG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is overseas sales agency company of PINEMAXGOLD (Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate 100%) It is proved to have functionality and safety of its raw material in a scientific way (Human test, Animal test) and is certified as health functional food (individual certification type) with the Health Claims ; “May Help maintain blood glucose level” by MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) in Korea. So It is effective for diabetes to lower blood sugar level. 

Pine Needle Distillation Concentrated oil is obtained by cleaning pine needles of red pine needles and then using advanced technology and fine process distillation cooling method. Kwangdong PINEMAXGOLD is a product that encapsulates the pine needle distillation concentrated oil into capsule type.

We are looking for overseas business partners who want to promote PINEMAXGOLD in each Country. 


Ministry of Food and Drug Safety admitted for the first time 

in Korea functionality of pine needle distilled concentrate product


Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate

is a pine needle extraction, after collecting and washing pine needles, is made in the distillation

cooling method using high technology and fine process. 


Kwangdong PINEMAXGOLD is proved to have functionality and safety

of its raw material in a scientific way and is certified as health functional food

(individual certification type) with a function, “The product can help you

to regulate your healthy blood sugar level.” by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


Research History of Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate

2005 03 

Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) of rats by Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate – by Chemon Inc.

2005 05 

Trial test on human bodies of Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate – by Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

2005 06 

Blood sugar regulation test of Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate – by Medvill Co., Ltd.

2005 07 

Standard specification settlement test of Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate – by Labfrontier Co., Ltd.

2006 01

‘Impacts on blood sugar of rat model of type 2 diabetes by oral administration of Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate’, published on a journal of The Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition.

2006 12

Genetic toxicity test of Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate – by Korea Testing & Research Institute.

2007 01

Individually authorized, as a health functional food raw material of blood sugar function – by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

2007 05

Passed the conformance test of product standards – by SGS

2007 09


Individually authorized, as a standard specification of health functional food products – by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety


3 Index Components of Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate


Terpinolene (180mg ~ 260mg) 3-Carene (125mg ~ 165mg) Limonene (50mg ~ 100mg) 

 (of 1000mg Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate) 


- Terpinolene dissolves cholesterol accumulated in blood vessels, a reason for arteriosclerosis, promotes blood circulation and activates the body functions. Terpinolene controls cellular oxidation by reducing active oxygen in cells which ages our body and thus prevents cell aging.

- 3-carene, a volatile matter, is produced in plants to protect themselves from and sterilize harmful bacteria such as staphylococcus, and diphtheria. It is expected one day it can be substitute antibiotic which has tolerance problem when overdosed.

-  Limonene is used for many medical procedures. It has been proven successfully as a chemotherapeutic agent for treating patients with progressive tumors in clinical trial. Also, administering Limonene is effective in dissolving gallstones.


Product Manufacturing Process

    Collecting red pine leaves from clean area

    Washing pine leaves with water

    Drying & Crushing pine leaves

    Primary Distillation

    Cooling Primary distilled pine leaves concentrate

    Impurity Filtration through Micro filter

    Secondary Distillation and Storage & Aging

    Checking standard & Packaging


The First Korean Products that has ever adopted Vegetable Capsules


Using naturally derived plant raw materials, such as vegetable carrageenan extracted from seaweed 

and corn starch, the product allows general people, as well as vegetarians, pregnant women, 

children, and old people, to consume the product safely.


PINEMAXGOLD (Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate 100%) It is proved to have functionality and safety of its raw material in a scientific way (Human test, Animal test) and is certified as health functional food (individual certification type) with the Health Claims ; “May Help maintain blood glucose level” by KFDA(Korean ministry of Food and Drug Safety Administration). So It is effective for diabetes to lower blood sugar level.

Pine Needle Distillation Concentrated oil is obtained by cleaning pine needles of red pine needles and then using advanced technology and fine process distillation cooling method. Kwangdong PINEMAXGOLD is a product that encapsulates the pine needle distillation concentrated oil into capsule type.

-Product Information

[Name of Product] Pine Max Gold

[Category of Product] Health Functional Food (individual authentication type)

[Contents] 450mg x 24capsules x 5cases (54g)

[Name of Ingredients and Contents(%)] Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate

(3-Carene 12.5 ~ 16.5%, Limonene 5 ~ 10%, Terpinolene 18 ~ 26%) 100%

*Capsule material: hydroxypropyl starch powder, glycerin, carrageenan, polyglycitol syrup

[Inner Package Material] PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) + Aluminum foil

-Information on Nutrition and Function

Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate can help you to regulate your healthy blood sugar level.

(Physiological Activity Function Grade2)

Dose : 1 capsule(450mg) each time

Dose of each time and Contents : calories 0kcal, carbohydrate 0g(0%), protein 0g(0%), fat 0g(0%), sodium 0g(0%), terpinolene 87mg, 3-Carene 69mg, limonene 30mg

※ A figures in parenthesis is a ratio to the Nutrient Reference Values(NRVs) per a day

[An intake per a day and how to take] 3 times a day. Take one capsule each time with plenty of water.


[How to keep]
- Because soft capsules are susceptible to moisture, heat and light, capsules can be deformed. Keep them in a cool, dry place of 25˚C or below, away from airtight space, high temperature and humidity, and direct sunlight.
- When stored in a cold place, the contents may harden, but it is not a problem of quality.



[Caution on ingestion]
- When ingesting, capsules could get caught in your neck or may feel uncomfortable, so please take it with water.
- If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please check the raw ingredients before eating.
- Bronchial, asthma, relieve coughing or severe airway inflammation, please do not use.

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2019
Business type
Trading Company


Woncheol Son
Gomdallae-ro 15-gil,46,Rm302, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Health Care Supplement
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

BIG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is exporting mainly Korean Health Supplement Foods, Natural Functional Skincare Cosmetics

BIG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is overseas sales agency company of PINEMAXGOLD (Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate 100%)

It is proved to have functionality and safety of its raw material in a scientific way (Human test, Animal test).

And it is certified as health functional food (individual certification type) with the Health Claims ;

“May Help maintain blood glucose level” by MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) in Korea.

So It is effective for diabetes to lower blood sugar level.

We are looking for overseas business partners who want to promote PINEMAXGOLD in each Country.



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