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    Faper is a unique synthetic paper that is used globally for commercial and specialty print applications requiring durability and security. Formulated with a polyolefin/silica matrix to create a single-layer, microporous material, Faper substrate locks inks, toners, adhesives, coatings and laminating films into its structure, creating strong, virtually indestructible bonds and related performance benefits that other synthetic substrates cannot replace.

    Faper is formulated with a microporous polyolefin/silica matrix that imparts an exclusive combination of properties related to printability, durability and security. For instance, the material’s ability to absorb inks and toners locks printed text and photos into the surface of the substrate so that critical information printed on cards, tags, labels and documents fabricated with Faper cannot be removed or altered. With other synthetic substrates, inks and toners lay on the surface of the material, making them easy to scratch off. Faper also is more printable than other synthetic substrates. Because of its high absorption capacity, Faper dries quickly and requires no special inks, which enables it to perform more like paper than other synthetic substrates. The material’s thermal stability and durability also make it compatible with more print technologies than similar synthetic papers and printable plastics. As a result of this unique and exclusive combination of performance characteristics, researchers and product developers often find that, in addition to delivering high-quality print materials, Faper enables innovative products and solutions outside the realm of print.


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      South Korea South Korea
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      JUAN KIM

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      Beobwon-ro, 127, DaeMyung Valeon,Rm 1017, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Printing Machines,Printed Fabric,Computer Software

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      VALLOY is overseas solution provider in digital printing field, including software, ink, inkjet media, textile printing machine, modification kit, precoated fabrics, sublimation machine, heat fixation machine and etc. We are running our business with world-wide partners and distributors in signage, prepress and textile printing markets.

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