Cushioni Self-adhesive Insulation Wallpaper 50cm x 2.5m

Cushioni Self-adhesive Insulation Wallpaper 50cm x 2.5m

It can be installed by yourself without the help of a professional. All you have to do is peel off the paper on the back and stick it on.

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South Korea
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CUSHIONI Silk Wallpaper
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diy interior, wall sticker, foam wallpaper, peeled and stick,
Other Home Decor


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Nov 08, 2022
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
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Product name Cushioni Self-adhesive Insulation Wallpaper 50cm x 2.5m Certification -
Category Other Home Decor Ingredients -
Keyword diy interior , wall sticker , foam wallpaper , peeled and stick Unit Size 50.0 * 0.0 * 250.0 cm
Brand name CUSHIONI Silk Wallpaper Unit Weigh 750 g
origin South Korea Stock 1000
Supply type Available HS code 3918900000

Product Information

"CUSHIONI STICKER WALL PAPER" is easy and simple construction method,

Anyone can achieve their desired interior effect


1. Excellent Insulation Effect & Mildew Suppression Effect


2. Interior Effect


3. Shock Absorption & Soundproof Effect


4. Easy, Simple Construct


5. Convenient Cleaning



* Difference from Competitor peoducts


1. Internally Developed Matte Finish

Providing effect similar to actual broken bricks

through internally develpoped matte finish technolgy


2. Rear Aluminum Film

Enhancing insulation,

suppressing propagation of mildew, and blocking

moisture and condensation


3. Internal Mold Manufacture

Faster feedback than competitors in development of

new products, and more convenient product development with

affiliate companies


* How to use


step 1


Detach release film paper on the back.


step 2


Attach it on the construction wall and dean any contaminated parts with a wet towel.


step 3


If its size does not fit, cut with scissors or a knife to a desired size and shape.


B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Recent Visit
Nov 08, 2022
Business type
166, Yeonhadong-ro , Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Other Toys & Hobbies,Mattress Cover
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Company introduction

We are the first of a manufacturer company of the DIY wallpaper. we have brought innovation to the DIY wallpaper market first.

Especially, we have launched the new product  "Foam Silk Wallpaper". (It's also Sticky type)

it's a great success at Tv shopping in South Korea, Rusia, and Costco in Taiwan, Japan. Also Daiso, Cerial, Watts, and others.

And everyone was able to decorate their house quickly at a reasonable price to luxury & Europe style.

Also, all of our wallpaper product  has insulation such as noise isolation and use safe materials.


Don't worry! You are safe from formaldehyde and heavy metals wth QONE product.


▣ "Foam Block" Video Link ▣


1. Korea
2. Japan
3. Thailand
4. Australia and New Zealand
5. Russia


▣ "Foam Silk Wallpaper" Video Link ▣


 1. TV shopping in South Korea.




▣ "Foam Silk Wallpaper" Sales Status ▣


 1. Foam Silk wallpaper was launched in "Lotte Mart" in Korea. They are one of the biggest retailers in Korea.


 2. Foam Silk wallpaper was launched in Costco, Korea. 


3. Foam Silk wallpaper was launched in Costco, Japan.



Look around our website, there is a lot of information about the product !





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