ALKALINE WATER IONIZER High quality 9 plates, AK-2000

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alkaline water ionizer, alkaline water ionizer 9 plates water ionizer, fully convertible, water ionizer life ionizer,
Water Treatment , Water Dispensers & Purifiers , Water Softeners


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    Product name ALKALINE WATER IONIZER High quality 9 plates, AK-2000 Certification FDA , CE
    Category Water Treatment
    Water Dispensers & Purifiers
    Water Softeners
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    Keyword alkaline water ionizer , alkaline water ionizer 9 plates water ionizer , fully convertible , water ionizer life ionizer Unit Size 350.0 * 350.0 * 150.0 mm
    Brand name mediqua Unit Weigh 10 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 854370
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    What is Mediqua?


    "Mediqua" filters water and uses a high-tech scientific mechanism to pass the filtered water through the electrolytic cell, which is a critical device in the system to produce Alkaline water, Acidic water and purify water by changing ph level. Alkaline water benefits are like that : Restores the body's pH balance, Acts as a powerful antioxidant, Improves cellular hydration, Improves stomach and intestines disease, Helps weight loss, Helps detoxification, Good for bone health, Effective in preventing aging.


    Salient Features : 

    - Available in two convenient models :
    Counter Top & Under Sink ( With Faucet )
    - Incredible pH ranges 3.0 to 11.5
    - Up to -850 mv ORP
    - Up to 1800 ppb Dissolved Hydrogen levels
    - Front Sliding Door System
    - 9 platinum coated titanium plates
    - UV light technology
    - Ergonomic Design
    - Ultra Filtration (1st) & Multi Carbon Filtration (2nd) System
    - Easy Scaling System with Cleaning filter
    - RFID function - Wireless filter indication system
    - 7-inch big Screen
    - Select your favourite language - 5 Language Voices
    - 400 Programmable pH and ORP levels
    - Automatic Cleaning System


    Mediqua Alkaline water benegits : 

    - Acts as a powerful antioxidant

    - Improves cellular hydration

    - Improves stomach function and prevents intestine ailments 

    - Helps weight loss

    - Good for bone health

    - Helps prevent aging 


    Our product have good quality and function compared with other companies.

    1. 9 cell electrode (platinum coated)

    2. UV light technology

    3. Automatic filter indication system (Filters applied with RFID function)

    4. Convenient voice automated

    5. LCD display (all visible)

    6. Enhanced 2step dual filteration system

    7. Incredible pH range from 3.0 to 11.50

    8. 400 programmable pH and ORP levels

    9. Touch sensor

    10. Max 386W of leading edge SMPS power 


    Main features

    1. Alkaline water ionizer has an electrode which make pH different from tap water.

    It can make 9 stage of pH. (3.0~11.5)

    2. Alkaline water ionizer is a medical device in Korea. It is effective in improving the 4 major gastrointestinal symptoms(Acid Indigestion

    , Indigestion, Abnormal Fermentation in the stomach, Chronic diarrhea)

    3. It is for home-use. It is compatible with faucet for under-sink type.

    4. It is front sliding door system. Everyone can change the filter easily. This system has a patent.


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      South Korea South Korea
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      MR. Jerry Sangdo Kim

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      Seobuk-gu, 10 Baekseokgongdan 1-ro, Cheonan mirae ace hightechcity,A-610, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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      Electronic Products,Water Treatment,Water Softeners

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    • Company introduction

      l Introduction l
      Jinnys Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and marketer of alkaline ionized water machines.
      The company explored the export markets since 1998 to establish its presence internationally. We aspire to provide products and services of higher quality through constant R&D and quality control. This aspiration is based on the corporate spirits of ensuring a safe and healthy drinking water for all our customers.

      By doing so, we hope to deliver customer satisfaction on a continuous and long-term basis. As always, we will do our best to be the most respected manufacturer and marketer of alkaline ionized water machines. Constant R&D, quality control and design development will be our top priorities, which will hopefully make us a leader in the export markets in the future.


      l Vision l
      We plan to tap the overseas markets for alkaline ionized water machines by targeting the US, Europe and other regions where people buy drinking water since tap water contains lots of lime materials.

      We will highlight our unique competitive advantages, improve the weaknesses and continuously work towards raising product quality and competitiveness.

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      • Jinnys
    • Main Product
      • ALKALINE WATER IONIZER High quality 9 plates_ AK_2000

        ALKALINE WATER IONIZER High quality 9 plates, AK-2000

      • 9 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer-Crewelter9WB-

        9 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer(Crewelter9WB)

      • 9 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer _Crewelter9SS_

        9 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer (Crewelter9SS)

      • Faucet for Alkaline Water Ionizer_Under Sink_

        Faucet for Alkaline Water Ionizer(Under Sink)

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