Elishacoy Moist Up Collagen Sleeping Mask 50ml.

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    Elishacoy Moist Up Collagen Sleeping Mask 50ml.

    Moisture UP while sleeping! Charging Vitality UP!

    Intensive Treatment Multi Sleep Pack Moist Up Collagen Sleeping Mask.

    [Moisturizing + Nutrition + Whitening]


    1.Smart multi care sleeping pack

    Healthy skin renewal effect with 5 kinds of smart multi care including elasticity, moisturizing, brightening, pore care and nutrition while taking a good sleep.

    2.Twelve sleep inducing ingredients

    A combination of essential oils and three herbal ingredients to help you sleep better.

    3.Vitamin E capsule brightening effect + whitening function

    Brightening care with niacinamide and Vitamin E capsules in the skin. It transformed into a bright skin while sleeping.


    < Main Ingredients >

    Essential Oil Complex, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl Extract,             Marine Collagen, Herbal Extract, Berry Extract, Niacinamide.


    < How to use >

    1.Before going to bed, take out the appropriate amount of content into your hands.

    2.Spread evenly over the desired area until all of the vitamin capsules are absorbed.

    3.After sleep, rinse with lukewarm water for morning cleansing.



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      South Korea South Korea
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      Soo Jin, Kim

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      809ho, 607 Jeonggwan-ro, Jeonggwan-eup,Gijang-gun,Busan-si,korea

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      Facial Care,Body Lotion,Eye Cream & Mask,Face Cream & Lotion,Face Mask

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      This is Mr. Sujin Kim, the CEO of SM Trading Co.
      Let me give you a brief introduction to our company.
      We are a cosmetics export trade company established in 2009 by planning and manufacturing OEM/ODM cosmetics.
      In addition, as a new business strategy for our company, we actively engage in overseas business activities for domestic delivery and export of medical device products such as Botox and HA Dermal Filler manufactured in Korea.
      We are looking for a new overseas partner for Elyshacoy Cosmetics that our group acquired this time.
      The Elyshacoy Cosmetics is a high-quality, high-performance premium product that is located in Korean department stores and duty-free shops.
      This product is also located in the U.S.CVS and is supplying it to many countries around the world.

      Please check the attached brochure and product list for details.
      We ask for your attention and inquiry.
      Thank you.

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