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8 Ginseng By Pharm

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    Black Ginseng Shampoo





    The structure of Fermented Dark Black Ginseng Saponin is similar to that of many of the human’s st.eroids.

    The most potent effects of boosting hair growth and building muscles are appeared by saponin in

    Fermented Dark Black Ginseng. The most potent effect of Yeast is boosting hair growth and yeast

    based treatment for hair loss has also been launched on the market nowadays.

    Fermented Dark Black Ginseng extract contains a large amount of high-quality yeast due to Ferment Dark Black Ginseng.

    Also, it is included other herbal medicines, which is made more effective for hair-growth.






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    8 Ginseng By Pharm

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Joon Min Ahn

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      Health Product Agents,Health Care Supplement

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