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3 WOORIDL Life Science

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    Product name Plasma Air Purifier Certification -
    Category Air Purifiers Ingredients -
    Keyword air purifier , air cleaner , diffuser , fresh air Unit Size 21.0 * 21.0 * 10.5 cm
    Brand name WOORIDL Unit Weigh 1 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 8421391000
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    Air purifying device optimized in ultra-fine dust and harmful substances removal

    (such as cooking fumes and benzene). It is also effective for deodorizing. (ex. smoke)


    Core Function:

    Fine dust removal(PM1.0&2.5), Cooking gas removal, Bad odor removal, Deodorization(98%↑), 

    Mood light, Air masking diffuser, Air sterilization(90%↑), Filter replacement alarm

    Air purifying device optimized in ultra-fine dust(PM2.5) and harmful substances removal

    (such as kitchen harmful gas, ammonia, benzene) It is also effective for deodorizing. (ex. smoke) 


    · Ultra-fine Dust Removal(PM 2.5): Filters more than 99% of ultra-fine dust

    · Allergic Substance Removal: Filters allergic substances such as ammonia and pet hair

    · Powerful Deodorizing Effect: Odor is removed through triple activated-carbon filter

    · Down-Top Air Care System: Contaminated air is sucked from the bottom and clear air goes out from the top

    · Plasma Ion: Deactivates bacteria in the air to provide clearer and healthier air

    · Lowest Noise: Less than 20dB(=Sleeping Mode)

    · Mood Light: Soft-colored mood light with timer and light-off function(blue&warm-white)

    · Natural Diffuser: Natural air masking aroma care

    · Filter Replacement Alarm: Let you know the right time to change filter(Red LED light on the front side)

    · Wall-Type&Stand-Type: Product can be installed in two ways depending on the place of use

    · Made in Korea: Reliable product quality

    Size: 21x21x10.5(cm) 

    Cover area: 16.5sqm 

    Color: White 

    Manufacturer: WOORIDL Life Science

    Rated Voltage: 110-240V(free volt)

    Power Consumption: 6W

    Core Function: Ultrafine dust removal(PM2.5), Cooking gas removal, Bad odor removal, Deodorization(98%↑), Mood light, Air masking diffuser, Air sterilization(90%↑), Filter replacement alarm

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    3 WOORIDL Life Science

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      Sung Joo Kim

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      Pungsan-dong, 490-2, HausD Smart Valley,#720, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      [ Comapny Introduction ]


      WOORIDL Life Science is a company that develops, manufactures, and sells products based on the motto "Technology to Save People". Based on 20 years of experience in product development, we both have development team and production base. Also, WOORIDL Life Science is growing steadily as a professional manufacturer – Certified as Venture Company & Registered as Research department in 2017, Established institute of Technology & Awarded in Korea Invention Patent Exhibition in 2018, Launched Plasma Air Purifier in 2019.


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      • WOORIDL Life Science
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        Plasma Air Purifier

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