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    Product name Floor Mopping Robot EVERYBOT EDGE Certification CE
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    Cleaning Appliances
    Other Home Appliances
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    Keyword floor cleaner , robot cleaner , floor mopping robot , robot mop Unit Size 327.0 * 165.0 * 136.0 mm
    Brand name EVERYBOT Unit Weigh 2 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 5000
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    | Product Information|

    EVERYBOT Edge is a world 1st Dual-Spinning technology floor mopping robot cleaner. It performs both driving and cleaning at the same time using 2 round shape mop pads without wheels. So, it has much superior cleaning ability than the other robot cleaners using wheels. And cleaning mops keep wet during its operating time because water containing mop kits automatically supplies water to each mops. Besides users can safely use this product because it is equipped with several anti-collision and fall prevention sensors.


    | Featured Product |


    - Dual-Spin mopping and driving at the same time without wheels
    - 100min. Operating time with single charge
    - Anti-collision, Cliff, Illumination sensors
    - Patented Mother yarn mops
    - Water/Dry mopping avaialble
    - 9 different cleaning modes


    About this item

    • Powerful & Delicate Cleaning: No Wheels! It performs both driving and cleaning at the same time using 2 round shape mop pads. This is called ‘Dynamic Dual-Spinning technology’ patented by EVERYBOT INC. It cleans floor with 3.6 lb pressure with its own weight and continuously rapidly spinning mop pads. Besides, projected 2 mop pads make available to clean up edge & corners elaborately. Nevertheless, it is even silent with only 46dB noise level.
    • Convenient Cleaning: Through automatic water supply mop kit, continuous wet mopping is available. And auto-cleaning mode can be simply started by single touch button on the main body. Also the other 7 different cleaning modes are available by remote control.
    • Smart Cleaning: it is equipped with Anti-collision and Fall prevention sensors for smart and safe cleaning performance. And its illumination sensor makes it finishes cleaning process in a brighter spot where user can easily find out the robot.
    • Long-lasting Cleaning: 100 minutes operation time with single charging. Cleaning speed is also superior as 1sqm (=11sq.ft.) per minute.
    • Made in Korea: One of the most famous home service robot companies in Korea EVERYBOT INC. manages from the designing to manufacturing . It’s been awarded REDDOT winner prize in Germany, world top 3 design awards.





    No Wheels! Powerful mop cleaning ability by the pressure with its 100% own weight.

    There should be 50% weight on wheels and another 50% weight on a mop for ordinary wheel driving robot mops.

    However, EVERYBOT EDGE is different. Since EDGE does not have any wheel, its 100% own weight is pressing to the floor during mopping performance.


    Dynamic Dual-Spinning Technology by 2 strong motors

    It cleans up floor with 2 spinning mop pads by 5,700 RPM strong motor power and it maximizes the friction with floor.

    Different from ordinary single motor operating mopping robots, EDGE provides you high-power cleaning performance.



    Delicate cleaning even edge & corners with projected mop pads

    EDGE is available for detailed cleaning performance such as edge and corners of wall because of projected mop pads.


    Even it hits or approaches to any kind of object, projected mop reaches it first. So it reduces noise and is able to protect furniture during the cleaning.























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    3 EVERYBOT Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jung Woo Chul

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      240, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Steam Cleaners,Vacuum Cleaners

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    • Company introduction

      EVERYBOT INC. have been founded in 2015 as a home service robot company in Korea. 

      As the first stage of product roadmap, we have launched floor mopping robot RS500 in 2016. EVERYBOT RS500 is outstanding product based on world 1st Dual-Spin mopping technology which recoded yearly sales quantity 150K in 2017. We are now expanding our market to overseas with great feedbacks from foreign customers. EVERYBOT will keep developing new concept home service robots with using our own robot technology know-how to provide human life convenience.


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      • Floor Mopping Robot EVERYBOT EDGE

        Floor Mopping Robot EVERYBOT EDGE

      • Floor mopping robot _EVERYBOT RS700_

        Floor mopping robot EVERYBOT Three-Spin

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