Avantpet Premium Cooling Mat

Made of safe materials which are approved by US FDA

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South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Product name Avantpet Premium Cooling Mat Certification FDA
Keyword cool mat , pet accessories , pet & products , mat & rug Unit Size 350.0 * 5.0 * 350.0 mm
Brand name AVANTPET Unit Weigh 1 kg
origin South Korea Stock 10000
Supply type Available,ODM,OEM HS code 6307909000

Product Information


The Avantpet Cooling mat has chosen the best materials.


1. Design (21 Types)

- Avantpet cooling mat has total 21 kinds of premium design.


2. Size (4 Types)

- XS (35*35) / S (52*34cm) / M (65*48cm) L (80*60cm)


3. Feature

  1) 100% domestic manufacturing (MADE IN KOREA)

  2) Using Cool gel which is FDA-certified ingredients for food (VG & CMC).

    - Vegetable glycerin (VG)

It is a raw material approved by the FDA as a food additive, and is widely used in cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals such as natural cosmetics, ice cream, and desserts.

    - Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC)

This product is harmless to the human body that is used as a food conditioner (used in ice cream, jam, cookies), and It is also used as a cosmetic and medicinal product (artificial tears).


   3) Contains ORIGINAL phytoncide oil in the cool gel.

The Avantpet cool gel contains 15% of ORIGINAL phytoncide oil which is a natural fungal substance. It relieves stress, sterilizes, and prevents home dust mites from reproducing and molding.


   4) Excellent low temperature retention function.

The Avantpet Cool gel, which has a lower viscosity than the polymer liquid. It has a better thermal circulation and maintains coolness for a longer period of time. The cooler gel, which maintains a temperature of 3-5 degrees lower than room temperature, gives to pets a good sense of calm when touching the skin, and helps they sleep soundly.


   5) Use eco-friendly fabric, anti-mud fabric, and waterproof treatment

The Avantpet cooling mat used anti-mud-certified microfiber fabric (eco-friendly resin material) to prevent the growing of mites that cause atopic skin and skin problems.

In addition, it is applied waterproof treatment, it’s easy to clean by water when the fabric has contaminated.


   6) Certificate

- Non-stimulation Test report for skin

- Cool gel components Test report (Non-bacteria & Non-heavy metal)

- Eco-friendly fabric certification (Microfiber fabric)

  • ☑ HIGH THERMAL CIRCULATION – Avantpet cool gel has lower viscosity than other cool gel, which means it has high thermal circulation. It can circulate heat taken from the pet’s body quicker, meaning that the low temperature lasts for a long time. This helps with temperature control and sleep of your pets.
  • ☑ MADE OF SAFE MATERIAL - Avantpet cool gel is made from propylene glycol(PG), and carboxymethyl-cellulose(CMC). PG is approved and used for certain uses as an indirect food additive in U.S. and in Europe. CMC used for food, pharmaceutical, and dentifrice (toothpaste) applications.
  • ☑ CONTAINS ORIGINAL PHYTONCIDE - Phytoncide is a substance emmitted by plants & trees and generally means the aroma of the forest. Phytoncides are produced to help plants & trees protect themselves from harmfulness. It relieves our pets’ stress and helps them sleeping in pleasant and comfortable.
  • ☑ EASY TO CLEAN AND PORTABLE – Waterproof microfiber fabric is washable and easy to clean. Put it on the car seat, floor, sofa, or place it in your pet's crate, bed or kennel. The cooling pads are lightweight and folds effortlessly, ideal for travel.
  • ☑ FREEZES LIKE A SLUSH – Put it in the freezer to use more cooler. Unlike other cooling mat, it doesn’t freeze solid. You can use it immediately after taking from the freezer.

Avantpet coolmat has 30 kinds of designs and 4 different sizes.



 - XS Size : 35 x 35 (cm)    

 -   S Size : 52 x 35 (cm)   

 -   M Size : 60 x 50 (cm)

 -   L  Size : 80 x 60 (cm)  

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Ocean flow

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
Business type


Bada Ryu
416/417-ho, 260 Changnyong-daero, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Pet Products
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Company introduction

Company information

Avantpet has launched in 2019, with a vision to develop the highest quality pet products on the market.

We develop products that enhance the emotional and physical wellbeing of out pet community.

Avantpet Slogan

In order to take the lead in establishing a healthy culture with pets, Avantpet crews regularly participates in volunteer service for abandoned animals and donates 3% of the sales amount to support the organization for abandoned animals. We believe that our reasonable consumption makes the worth living with companion animals.

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