LS940 (Kitchen sink with Accessories)

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Living Kitchen Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1999
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LS940 (Kitchen sink with Accessories)





- Dimension : 900 x 520
- Bowl size : 868 x 460 x 210
- Material : STS304 0.8T


1. No dead space
2. Less noise with thick material & soundproof floor
3. Double-layered floor with more capacity & better drainage
4. Functional, simplified design
5. Various accessories available(Sponge basket/Dish basket)


Home,Lights & construction, kitchen sinks , sink bowl




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Living Kitchen Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1999
Business type



Hong, Sung Wook
Sapgyo-eup,121-3 Sangseong-ri, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Product Category
Kitchen Furniture
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Company introduction

Living kitchen is a kitchen furniture is an essential product used in a stainless steel kitchen sink bowls manufacturer, producing.
A kitchen anywhere in the world if there is I'm using the sink bowl Korea's living kitchen is produced in Korea, POSCO, BNG steel, ocean uses only the raw materials such as metals and unlike Europe, People's Republic of China products and polishing (glossy) processing, the most natural color of stainless steel by not implementing the technology.
 Overseas competitors has a basic double with view of fashionable in Japan, South Korea, with a variety of Korean style Jumbo got the bowl they have many items that buyers can be another choice.
 Our competitive advantage is that all products have been developed by itself directly into the mold and trends, leading-edge product development based on Europe and the same sink bowl and automated equipment produces high-quality products, and polishing of stainless steel without the need for raw materials to make products based on unique characteristics.

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