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Brush Seal

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South Korea South Korea / 1979
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Brush Seal





It is a sealing device installed between the rotor and diaphragm, and it is a mechanical device that

minimizes the leakage of steam or gas, and various tooth shapes are selected for each high and low

pressure stage. Brush Seal is a turbine part that brush is assembled to packing ring to increase power

generation efficiency by minimizing leakage by managing tolerance of zero clearance.






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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1979
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Dadae-dong,1513-3, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea
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Other Generators
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It is great pleasure that we take an opportunity to introduce our company to you. This pre-qualification statement is made for your understanding of our comprehensive capabilities to meet your requirements.TurboSeal Co., Ltd. founded in 1979 as a specialized company of manufacturing the turbine parts and Special Alloy (ferrous & nonferrous) casting parts, has attained a high reputation with customers by supplying quality products of the highest level in both local and overseas markets. As special product company of turbine seal parts makers, TurboSeal Co., Ltd. has been in the same boat with international sealing enterprises on the basis of accumulated careers over 23 yesrs.Now we have also heat-treatment business. We are trying ever effort to provide the best quality products at the right time in the right place with strict process and quality management. Our target is always to manufacture the most efficient seal parts in the all industrial fields.We belive our client's requirements make us our every efforts at first in order to meet them. We keep trying to do our best for making you one of our most satisfied customets. All the members of TurboSeal Co., Ltd. will do our best to leap as a front runner of seal parts enterprises. Our company is committed to the pursuit of excellence and our products at built to reflect this philosophy.The innovational company, TurboSeal Co., Ltd. is young and vigorous enough for challenging new maket in the world wide as well. We TurboSeal Co., Ltd. firmly declare that we would like to be your reliable business partner with the constant quality improvement and techmical development and do our utmost so that we could be an inkispensable and sound enterprises in the development of industry at home and abroad. We hope this statement will give you better understanding so as to lead a good decision on your project that will benefit you and TurboSeal Co., Ltd.

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