South Korea Patented Sesame Mouse Pad

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IDEA Barista
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IDEA Barista

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Verified Certificate


Product name South Korea Patented Sesame Mouse Pad Certification -
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Keyword mouse pad , patent , south korea , wrist mouse support Unit Size 200.0 * 260.0 * 0.0 mm
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Supply type - HS code 3926909000

Product Information

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IDEA Barista Patented Sesame Mouse Pad



The ultimate wrist health carer Patented Sesame Mouse Pad

includes a wrist support that allows your wrist to move freely.


two tone type, puppy type



‘Six reasons’ why Sesame Mouse Pad is awesome!


1. GRRRRREAT for those who are having wrist pains due to long-term use of the mouse,

It frees a fixed wrist from a long-term use of mouse.


2. The concave nest-shaved pedestal comforts your wrist.


3. The soft cushion part is a shelter for the wrist!


4. Ergonomical design that wraps around your hand.


5. 360 degrees rotatable iron ball moves accordingly to your wrist


without hurting but protecting your wrist.


6. the pedestal supports the bottom of the palm.



It is also a perfect gift for friends who are also massaging their wrists from the pain!



Do not remove a string that connect support and pad.

It may separate the metal balls if you do so. If you drop the support,

the metal balls may be separated.

Keep the container of the metal balls in a place out of children's reach

and make sure that children do not accidentally put the balls in their mouth.


product specification

material : ABS, filter sponge, metal balls, rubber magnet, nylon

size: pad 200*260mm, wrist support 60*130*20

manufacturer and seller: Idea Barista

place of origin: South Korea

product composition: mouse pad and wrist support linked with the string,

extra metal balls in the plastic bottle, manual



 South Korean patented 10-1145182 / Korea Management Association 2014 Excellent BI Award/

2016 Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards certificated




1. Why is the magnet attached to the back of the wrist support?

The underside of the pedestal is divided into four sections, each with rubber magnets attached.

It's a way of rolling around with metal balls attached to the rubber magnets.

If the magnetic force is too strong, the steel beads won't roll, and if they're too weak,

the steel beads will fall off. So we choose a magnet that is suitable for them.

This method of metal ball rolling is softer and less resistant

than any other way to move freely from side to side.


2. The wrist support is connected with a string. Should I use this after cutting it?

No, you can use it with a string on it.

As the wrist support moves from place to place with a slight push,

it is often separated from the mouse, and is restricted from being out of range.

Don't cut it. Use it.


3. Is there a reason to use the lower part of the palm of your hand rather than your wrist?

Generally, we use wrist on a fixed wrist support.

As the wrist support of the sesame mouse pad moves,

it is convenient to use it with the lower palm of the hand.

If you feel uncomfortable, change your posture and find the best way to do it.



4. What should I do if I lost metal balls?

It is appropriate to attach 2 to 3 metal balls to each rubber m agnet.

If you lost it, make up for it with an extra metal balls in the container.

If you handle it too harshly or fall under the desk,

the metal balls can be detached from the wrist support.

The detached balls can be re-attached, but there is a risk of loss.


5. Who do you want to recommend a Sesame Mouse Pad?

I highly recommend it to office workers, designers,

and IT workers  who need to hold the mouse for a long time.


Company Information



Idea barista (domestic brand name sesameidea) roasts sesame-little idea from daily life into practical and convenient products.

No matter how small an idea is, we never treat carelessly and focus on details.

We invent products that make life convenient and easy, especially electronic accessories

such as smart phone finger strap, laptop stand and wrist-movable mouse pad.



IDEA Barista has been successfully raising fund

with various inventions for 11 times on Wadiz, South Korea’s no.1 crowd funding platform.


51-1, Yeoncheon-ro 181beon-gil, Chatan-ri, Yeoncheon-eup,

Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do,

Republic of Korea (11014)

Tel: +82.31.834.0330



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IDEA Barista

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
Business type


Lee cheoljae
51-1 Yeoncheon-ro 181beon-gil Yeoncheon-eup Yeoncheon-gun Gyeonggi, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Stationery Set
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Company introduction

IDEA Barista never misses the daily inconvenience. 
It is the life invention specializing firm that discovers the daily inconvenience with the sesame seed-like thinking and ability to observe and commercializes it. 
It was founded at the end of 2014 and currently retains total 9 registered patents and total 12 applied patents regarding the life invention. Also, it was selected as total 10 incubating(excellent) ideas based on late October, 2015 after suggesting the ideas steadily to the creation economy town to receive the commercialization aid. 

We will grow into the life invention specializing firm that commercializes the daily inconvenience endlessly. 
We’ll roll sesame seeds a hundred times to make it amber. 
We’ll become the life invention brand.  

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