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    1. Cooling Band: Key Features

    Ø Powerful Cooling Effect: Very useful to drowsy drivers in addition to Outdoor or Indoor Activity

        * Powerful cooling effect reducing temperature of wearing part by more than 10ºC

        * Maintaining cooling effect from 3 hours to 24 hours

    Ø Easy to use

          In case of outdoor activities in extremely hot weather, just soak a cooling band in the water

          and wrap your neck or wrist. If the cooling band becomes warm, just soak it again.

    Ø Stable Cooling effect & Safe Materials

        * Stable Cooling effect: Strengthened by moisture control system and proven by more than 200 tests

        * Safe Materials: Verified by tests of Korea High Tech Textile Research Institute and KOTITI









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    8 PKB WORLD Co Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kelbin Park

    • Address

      Samwon Bldg. 8 Fl., Gangnamdaero 341, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Product Category

      Beauty,Personal Care,Sports & Entertainment,Health

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    • Company introduction

      PKBWORLD has been providing various innovative Sports, Health & Beauty products.



      1. Ear Massager


      2. Innovative Golf Grip to improve Golf Skills: Newconcept Golf Grip to use without glove after putting Silicone Special Grip onexisting one. Increasing Driving Distance and improving Direction


      3. Cooling Band: Reduces temperature of wearing part (neckor Wrist) by more than 10ºC (Maintaining its effect from 3 hours to 24 hours).In case it becomes warm, just soak the cooling band again.

      * Cooling Harness type for pet is also available

      * Application: Lots of Spectators in Sports Stadiums(Baseball, Soccer, American Football, Tennis, etc.), Driver (Very useful toDrowsy Driver), Motorcycle(Helpful to Motorcycle Drivers feeling hot from Heatof Engine and Safety Gear such as Helmet, etc.), Cycling, Fitness Training,Running, Climbing, Traffic police officer, Fireman, Postman, Soldier, etc.


      4. Self-Assembly Zipper Slider: Quick & Easy repair ofa broken zipper (General repair of zipper: High cost and Long time required)

      * Main body with metal level strength, Stainless Screwwith ‘Lock Tight’ to prevent loose screw, Character product available

      * Application: Bags, Clothes, Camping Tents, Shoes, etc.


      5. Portable Hydrogen Water Generator: Top level ofHydrogen Water generation capability (1,000~ 1,500 ppb), Generating Hydrogenmore Quickly and having Longer Hydrogen Lifetime, Exporting to Germany


      6. Posture Correction Device for Health & Beauty:Excellent Pasture & Pelvic Correction (including woman after childbirth)

      * Excellent reduction of the pain of Passenger (especiallyOld people)  to suffer in sitting during travel by Airplane, Train, Car,etc.

      * Supplying Service experience and Selling to women duringsitting for their beauty care in beauty salon, etc.

      * Annual Sales of 15K in Korea, 11K to Japan (TV Homeshopping)


      7. Premium Fashion Mask for Filtering Fine dust: PremiumMedical Filter applied, Comfortable Fit(Excellent Fit with No gap between maskand face), Used the Finest Fashion Fabric(UK: Harris Tweed Fabric),Excellent Fashion with No hole to help breathing on a mask


      8. Edible Oral Care Powder: Solving difficulty of Oralcare outside your home in Public toilet, Airplane, Train, Office, etc. withlimited space or time

      * Easy Use Anytime! Anywhere!: Safe, Easy & ConvenientOral/Throat Care, 8 Natural ingredients

      * Tube type(Launch: August in 2018): Sales of 40K inKorea, 50K to Hong Kong, 30K to Mongolia/ Pouch type(Launch: April in 2019),Sales of 80K boxes(1 box: 24 pcs included) to Hong Kong


      9. Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer: Solving the problem oflots of germs and contamination in toothbrush left in toothbrush holder ordrawer

      * Double Sterilization by UV and Ozone, Excellent inpreventing cavity, oral disease and periodontal disease

         * Annual Sales of 100K in Korea


      10. Premium Healthy Toothpaste: Removing 12 harmfulingredients, Adding plenty of Healthy Natural ingredients with EWG Grade 1

         * Absorption in Mouth is much higherthan in Skin.  As we put a high value on ingredients of cosmetics tocontact with our skins, so we have to consider ingredients of toothpaste tocontact with our mouths.

         * Adult toothpastes: Sales of 80K in Koreafor recent 2 years (Baby & Kids toothpastes: Recently launched)


      11. Amusement Foam Cleanser: Even children hating bathscome to enjoy baths.

      * Childrens Fun &Brain Development by Tactile play: Feeling very Soft but Not getting thecleanser on your hands, Making Various shapes with lots of Fun, Changing intogood smell bubbles in the water

      * Very Popular Bathroom Supplies in Korea: Sales of 100Kfor 6 months, 400K for 1.5 years since its launch (July in 2017)

      * Starting export in 2019: Sales of 50K to China for 6months, Starting sales of 1.5K to Taiwan in June


      12. Cylindrical Toothbrush: Very Soft & No Pain, VeyHygienic, For Baby (Popular item: Sale of more than 1M pcs in Korea)/Adult(Patient, The elderly & infirm, Pregnant woman, etc.)


      13. Tongue Cleaner Toothbrush: Combination of Toothbrushand Tongue Cleaner


      14. Solid Facial Cleanser: Easy to carry and No leakage tothe contrary of General Liquid type (Model: For Dry skin/ Oily skin/ Sensitiveskin)


      15. Shampoo and Hair Rinse made of Korean medicinal herbalextracts such as Red Ginseng, etc.


      16. Organic Shampoo


      17. Skin Care Cream and Shampoo with Oriental Herbs


      18. Functional Cosmetics to Reduce Hair Loss


      19. Worlds FirstNonmetallic Sunscreen


      20. Next Generation LED Mask: Skin Care (Acne treatment,Reduction of inflammation, Skin Anti-aging effect)+ Additionalfunction(Galvanic Beauty, Hair Loss Reduction, Mist function, etc.)


      21. Digital Mask: Makes skin have 10~ 20 times moreabsorption than the case of rub into skin with 3~ 4% absorption rate


      22. Natural Web Mask


      23. Portable Beauty Device: Available for Skin CareAnytime Anywhere, Headphone shape convenient to carry 

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      • Germany Germany
      • Denmark Denmark
      • Japan Japan
      • Cambodia Cambodia
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        Vacuum Zipper Bag, Food Sealer

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