Apple juice, pear balloon flower root juice

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ballon flower root extracts, juice, pear juice, apple juice concentrate
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Group rec:on Co.,Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea / 2017
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<Pear Balloon flower Juice>

* Efficacy: bronchial protection, hangover relief, increased immunity, cholesterol reduction, constipation prevention, and intestinal strength.

* Its pear lagerie juice is NFC juices, and nutrients and vitamins are still alive. Squeeze fruit by squeezing it, juice it, and sterilize it immediately to the extent that vitamins and nutrients are not destroyed. Water is more difficult to store and transport in a way that uses 100% raw fruit without mixing a drop of water, but its taste and nutrition are still alive, so it is much better than normal concentrate juice! In contrast, regular heavy bath products are made by heating them at high temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius or higher, and their nutritional value is significantly lower than that of NFC products.

*Just one shot every day! Sweet pear juice and balloon flower concentrate, which are not sugar-flavored, encloses the fine dust-tired neck. It's great for those who have coughs, who suffer from bronchial problems during the change of seasons, and who are always tired! In summer, you can pour ice into a cup and eat it cold like a drink..


<Apple Juice>

*Efficacy: Restoration of fatigue, diet and detoxification, blood pressure control and prevention of diabetes, anti-cancer and antioxidant effects

 *The difference between them is that they only use the autumn rich (breeds) who taste the best when they are juiced. It is a pure 100% apple juice with no other additives mixed. Nature365 Since apple juice does not add anything other than apples, it has a belief and confidence that it preserves the taste and nutrition of apples as they are. As the HACCP certification system is regularly managed and inspected, the company focuses on hygiene and safety in the manufacturing process.

*The storage method is sterilized and can be stored at room temperature. However, I recommend that you refrigerate some cold food because it will save you a sweet and sour texture. It's delicious and frozen even if I eat a straw like a p I love having kids' snacks instead of ice cream.






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Group rec:on Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
Business type
Trading Company



Dongdaegu-ro Suseong-gu Daegu, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
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무역 에이전시, 전자상거래서비스업, 해외마케팅 및 수·출입 인프라구축, 해외유통서비스 제공합니다. 리크온 글로벌 VTV Cab Msc 영남의 강점은 전문성과 세심함을 겸비한 베트남 및 그 외 국가의 무역 에이전시를 수행하며 전문개발자와 전문디자이너가 만드는 홈페이지구축/쇼핑몰을 구축하며 다년간 경험을 바탕으로 한 바이어 발굴 및 매칭 합니다.주 수출품목으로는 과일즙, 의료기기 및 렌즈, 육아용품을 전문적으로 취급할 수 있습니다.


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