Smart door lock wooden door BABA-8200

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8 Pushpull System

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name Smart door lock wooden door BABA-8200 Certification -
    Category Locks & Keys Ingredients -
    Keyword digital door lock , lock control system , smart lock , korean door lock Unit Size 90.0 * 305.0 * 70.0 mm
    Brand name BABA Unit Weigh 3 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 8301401010
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    Pushpull System Co., Ltd is professional smart door lock manufacturer in South Korea. Company produces its products under BABA lock brand. Being established in 2013, Company operates its local business activities in Daejeon and Sejong city of South Korea. Company Headquarters is located in ETRI (Electronics and Technology Research Institute) which is the main research hub in South Korea where all Korean top companies conduct their research activities. Pushpull System develops smart door locks based on its following core objectives: 1- Safety: BABA smart door locks are equipped with fire alarm, intrusion alarm , antibiotic coating material, anti-shake technology, electric shock prevention function 2- Functionality- BABA smart door locks have many functions including mobile app compatibility, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, master card and password, one-time password, low battery alarm, double lock, random password function, voice announcement, sound control and other functions 3- Reliability- BABA smart door locks are manufacturer with KC quality certificate which is confirmed by Korean Government and in 2020 Company is recognized as K Brand which makes it the first and only Korean smart lock developer to get this award. Company has gained a huge portfolio of patents globally across 51 countries of the world

    As an emerging smart home systems developer, Pushpull System Co., Ltd is being globally recognized with its new innovations in smart lock market. Through constant research and development efforts, company has acquired a number of patents including "Anti-shake technology patent", "Anti-flow technology patent" for indoor and smart door locks. As a result of recent innovations, Pushpull System has introduced brand new smart locks for hotel or residential applications. Company core competence lies in a number of smart lock innovations that fully satisfy high quality requirements set by Korean quality standards. 


    Since the day of establishment, company has been manufacturing, selling and promoting a number of smart lock innovations under BABA brand name. A strong focus on smart home industry is the primary objective to develop new digital door locks with new features like Wi-Fi, biometric fingerprint, mobile 

    applications. With a huge attention to creating networking hub with a central role of smart lock, company introduces new smart locks that can be controlled through mobile phones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Moreover, company has its own hotel management software for offline cont- rol of hotel and hotel lock management. 

    In order to grow globally, Pushpull System is actively establishing new overseas branches, agencies and dealerships  in different countries including China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Kenya and others. Participation in various exhibitions held in Myanmar, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Poland is to strengthen BABA brand name internationally. As always, Pushpull System promises to create the best value of smart home technologies for safer, better, more advanced and convenient smart home experience. 

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    8 Pushpull System

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Honh ik university2639, venture business incubation center,401, Sejong-si, Korea

    • Product Category

      Doors & Windows,Locks & Keys,Handles & Plates

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    • Company introduction

      The Push Pull System Co.,LTD. is specialized developing, manufacturing, selling company


      especially for mechanical door-lock and digital door-lock system.


      Swept gold prize at November, 2013 Korean patent show, awarded two prizes as well as


      2 more special prizes at 2014 year in Moscow International new technology exhibition, We


      are also awarded Gold prize including 3 special prize and Gold and spcial prize winner at


      Pits-burg show in United States since the Pushpull System in one of a most evolutional


      and innovative top functioned & designed, Gold awarded at 2014 Seoul International Invention Fair


      and special awarded from Korea Invention Promotion Association Chairman as door lock system.


    • Main Markets
      • Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)
      • India India
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Factory Information
      • Pushpull System
    • Main Product
      • BABA-9701

        Unshakable Digital doorlock

      • Smart fingerprint door lock BABA_8301

        Smart fingerprint door lock BABA-8301

      • Smart door lock wooden door BABA_8200

        Smart door lock wooden door BABA-8200

      • Smart door lock BABA_8100

        Smart door lock BABA-8100

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