MC Lab Dr.1 Scratch towel for car scratch contamination removal

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    Stainless and head lamp restoration
    Strong polishing and gloss!
    World's first! Care at once!

    “All In One Peeling Liquid Remover”


    Dr.1 Remover makes it easy to remove minute scratches,
    water spots, swirls and smudges from your vehicle.
    It is the best gloss restoration / contamination / scratch / scratch
    remover for glaze and gloss. MC Lab Dr. 1 Remover is a polymer
    ceramic refined from 25,000 particles instead of ordinary compounds.
    It  minimizes damage to all surface coatings and significantly improves
    polishing. From high-strength stainless steel to headlights, the new
    all-in-one peeling liquid makes it easy to polish contaminated surfaces
    with the latest technology.



    *** CAR PART ***

    * Removes scales (water spots), flies, paint dust, rosin
    * Safely swirl, scratch removal / discoloration, headlight restoration
    * Remove stains from rust, wheel yellowing, Stainless, chrome



    *** HOME PART ***

    * Stainless, sink, dining table, artificial marble tops, stoves, hoods, etc.
      Remove foreign objects such as stains / faucet discoloration / faucet
      supplies, washbasin drain pipe / Home Appliance Appearance Living
      Gase Removal / Sink Cabinet, Shoe Cabinet, etc.
    * Shops, buildings, swimming pools stainless corrosion, decontamination





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      South Korea South Korea
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      youngil lee

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      Tongil-ro 94-gil Eunpyeong-gu Seoul, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Car Care Products

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      The automobile market, a necessity of modern man, is 1.2 billion units worldwide and about 22 million units in Korea.

      The automobile-related industry is also a measure of the economic and technological power of the country.

      That's why many manufacturers and developers are working to make cars safer, more economical and more breakthrough.


      ECOMNC strives to provide consumers with an upgraded life by developing options offered

      by large companies at a lower cost and better performance.


      ECOMNC Co., Ltd. is participating in the "Global Warming" and "Green Growth Low Carbon" campaigns that have emerged as global challenges based on 30 years of accumulated technology and professional personnel. We always develop products that take into account the environment of the earth and the quality of human life. 

      We have developed strong glass coatings, restorers, cleaners, removers, the fastest filling solutions, and stabilizers.



      - About ECOMNC's flagship brand MC Lab...



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      • Dr_1 Scratch Towel for car Scratch Contamination Removal

        MC Lab Dr.1 Scratch towel for car scratch contamination removal

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