MC Lab Si-14 Glass coating home care spray kitchen bathroom protect

MC Lab Si-14 Glass coating home care spray kitchen bathroom protect

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South Korea
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MC Lab
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kitchen care, mirror coating, sink coating, self coating,
Other Home Products , Other Bathroom , Other Cleaning Supplies , Coating Suppliles
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South Korea South Korea / 2017
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Product name MC Lab Si-14 Glass coating home care spray kitchen bathroom protect Certification -
Category Other Home Products
Other Bathroom
Other Cleaning Supplies
Coating Suppliles
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Keyword kitchen care , mirror coating , sink coating , self coating Unit Size -
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origin South Korea Stock 99999
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Product Information

Dr.4 Si-14 is a super strong surface coating mainly composed of pure silicon
with high purity atomic structure, which can be used anywhere in vehicles,
homes, buildings, and industries. Made of eco-friendly materials without
harmful substances, it does not have a harmful effect on the coating surface.
It can be applied to the inside and outside of the vehicle, household goods,
painted surface, plastic, glass surface, aluminum, tinting paper and all parts
such as ndustrial paint and solar panel. The user can coat safely an convenien-
tly without any special technology.  (Professional methods require skill acquisi-
tion and equipment we deal with) Dr.4 Si-14's strong protective film
completely protects the surface of vehicles and all products by ompletely
blocking the penetration of harmful chemicals such as water spots, insects,
molds, calcium chloride, hydrochloric, acid and various contaminants
such as ultraviolet rays.


* Bathroom mirror, wash basin, toilet, faucet, etc.
* Gas stove, grease around the kitchen / counter tops, dining table, etc.
* Cabinets, furniture, etc. Living gas, foreign matter / refrigerator,
   household appliances exterior living gas, foreign matter prevention / Protect and
* manage glasses, smart phone, laptops, cameras, TVs, plastic models, plastics, films.

  Show window, buried glass, hawk glass, large aquarium, aquarium, saltwater aquarium

* Maintain ship paint protection, protect against  / industrial






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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
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youngil lee
Tongil-ro 94-gil Eunpyeong-gu Seoul, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Car Care Products
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Company introduction

The automobile market, a necessity of modern man, is 1.2 billion units worldwide and about 22 million units in Korea.

The automobile-related industry is also a measure of the economic and technological power of the country.

That's why many manufacturers and developers are working to make cars safer, more economical and more breakthrough.


ECOMNC strives to provide consumers with an upgraded life by developing options offered

by large companies at a lower cost and better performance.


ECOMNC Co., Ltd. is participating in the "Global Warming" and "Green Growth Low Carbon" campaigns that have emerged as global challenges based on 30 years of accumulated technology and professional personnel. We always develop products that take into account the environment of the earth and the quality of human life. 

We have developed strong glass coatings, restorers, cleaners, removers, the fastest filling solutions, and stabilizers.



- About ECOMNC's flagship brand MC Lab...



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