Plasma ionizer for stroller - PLIBE

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    Plasma ionizer for stroller - PLIBE



    Product features


    PLIBE protects babies with weak immunity from the infectious disease.

    It can removes viruses in places such as baby room & stroller, performs deodorization and strong anti-bacterial functions underalmost little ozone emission.


    01. Character design for babies
    Babies accept well cute character design without discomfort.
    It is able to employ various character design by replace other character silicon case.


    02. Easy to use
    Batter y type product, so you don’t need to have power cable.
    You can check operating state intuitively through LED lamp. 


    03. Maintenance fee zero
    No extra cost is needed after purchase.


    04. The most safety air purifier
    Very little ozone emission 0.002ppm. (FDA standard 0.05ppm)
    Inhalation toxicity test pass.(Nonclinical research institute Chemon Inc.)


    05. Removal harmful substance in the air without chemical
    Our air purification method does not use any chemicals at all.
    So, you don’t worr y about hazardous chemicals.


    Basic Principle

    01. eneration of free radicals




    02. Cell Attacked by free radicals

    When free radicals(O2-, OH-, HOO-, etc.) encounter a harmful substance, they rapidly surround it.

    Cell attacked by free radicals such as cell membrane and DNA damage. 
    This free radicals break down and eliminate the harmful material.
    So, Dr.USB has strong ability of anti-bacterial, Virus removal.










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    2 IM Healthcare Co.,Ltd

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      Sang dae, Lee

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      Gieopdosi-ro Jijeong-myeon Wonju-si Gangwon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

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      IM Healthcare is 

      a spin-off company from IM that was also spinned-off from SAMSUNG in 2006. 

      IMH was established in Jan. 2011 as a indipendent company perfectly from IM. 

      Afterward, we have been developing bio diagnosis technology, IoT Healthcare

      and Ionizer business, and is growing up as a first mover in the digital healthcare area.

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