Carbon Wetlaid

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Carbon Wetlaid
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acf, cf, emi shielding, mcf,
Cordless Telephones


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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name Carbon Wetlaid Certification -
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    Keyword acf , cf , emi shielding , mcf Unit Size 500.0 * 1200.0 * 500.0 mm
    Brand name Carbon Wetlaid Unit Weigh 10 kg
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    Carbon Wet-laid(or Metal Coated Carbon Wet-laid) is produced from PAN, PITCH, ACF base carbon fiber through wet-laid manufacturing process.  They have properties of electrical / thermal conductivity  and static dissipation. 

    Application is

    ü EMI shielding

    ü Radiation of heat
    ü Resistive heating
    ü Prevent the generation of microcracks in composite surfaces


    * Application


    ü EMI shielding
    ü Radiation of heat
    ü Resistive heating
    ü Prevent the generation of microcracks in composite surfaces


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      South Korea South Korea
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      159-1 Samseong 1-dong, Korea Trade Tower,#903-1, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Since 1973, we have specialized in the production of filter materials for a variety of industries, including the automobile and air conditioning industries.Since 2000, when we signed a technology and sales partnership agreement with AAF, we have been producing environmentally friendly Melt-Blown type filter materials.Based on thirty years’ worth of accumulated knowledge and our superior human resources, all of us at Clean & Science will do our best to develop state-of-the-art filtration technology, while also advancing into new markets.We will also continue to strive to produce high-quality, high-performance automobile filter materials. With our well-recognized R&D capabilities, our extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, and our small quantity batch production system, Clean & Science can meet the various demands of our customers and enhance our customer relationships. We believe that the value of a company lies in satisfying the needs of various interest groups, including shareholders, customers, employees, and partners. We strive, therefore, to maximize our company value through transparent management, the cultivation of our human resources, and the maximization of individual competencies.Clean & Science strives to become a leader in environmentally friendly filter materials by actively investing in Melt-Blown technology and new filter materials, as well as leveraging our expertise in automobile filter materials. Our promise is to foster trust between company and society, between company and employees, and between employees and society. We are proud to have built an honest, respected company through transparent management, and sound corporate governance principals.


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      • Industrial Filter Media

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        Carbon Wetlaid

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