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mineral water, pet water, pet mineral water, dog water,
Pet food

Bowwow Korea Co., Ltd

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South Korea South Korea / 2000
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 - What for minerals




    It is one of five basic nutrients needed for companion animals.

    As not synthesizable in the body, it is an essential nutrient for the growth, maintenance and reproduction of companion animals that must be ingested.



 - Importance of Mineral




    Helps smooth metabolism.

    Balances between acid and alkali.

    Essential elements for hormones or enzymes, constituents in the body.

    Main components of bone, teeth, and blood.

    Control of heart, nerve and muscle activity.



 - Why should we drink mineral water?




    Absorption rate ↑ : Minerals in the water is ionized, so it has a higher absorption rate into the body than an artificial synthetic mineral nutrient.



 - Functions of individual mineral




    Calcium: skeletal, dental composition, regulate muscle contraction and cell division, maintain heart beating and brain activity, prevents the entry of radioactive isotopes into the body. It prevents the accumulation of cadmium, lead, aluminum, fluorine, mercury, etc.

    Potassium: Water and electrolyte balance maintenance, Muscle contraction and relaxation, Involved in protein synthesis, Regulation of nutrient transfer within the cell such as sodium, Oxygen supply to the brain, Waste treatment and blood pressure optimization, Maintain muscle and nervous excitability → Increase sodium excretion through urine to lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension.

    Magnesium: Treatment of metabolic syndrome, Involved in mitochondrial energy metabolism, Skeleton & tooth composition, Nerve impulse transmission and muscle tension relaxation, Heartbeat control

    Sodium: Maintaining osmotic pressure and pH in the cell, Adjusting nutrient uptake within the cell, Promote water metabolism → maintain intracellular concentration and prevent dehydration symptoms.



 - Importance of Water




    In the case of dogs, Puppy is about 84~90% water percentage in body, and Adults are 60~70%.

    Loss of 10% moisture in the body can lead to serious illness, and loss of more than 15% can lead to death.

    Experts recommend that your pet constantly drink small amounts of water every two hours.

    Water not only replenishes the moisture in the body, but it also helps to transfer other nutrients to each body organ and to remove waste products.

    When you let your companions drink healthy water, you can sustain your pet's health in advance.



- Recommendable water ingestion 




    The recommended daily intake of water is about 60ml (DOG), 50ml (CAT.) per 1kg of body weight.

    For dogs weighing 5 kg, the recommended daily intake of water is at least 300ml.

    This amount is comparable to that volume of dry food 4kg consumption a day (average moisture is about 8%).

    In particular, cats are vulnerable to kidney and urinary tract diseases due to water shortage, so you must induce them to drink an adequate amount of water.



- The efficacy of PET Mineral Water

    Helps to stimulate Enzyme formation and activate the function.

    Helps to build healthy teeth and the formation of bone health.

    Helps ionic balance in the body.

    Helps to reduce stool odor.

    Helps activating metabolism.



 - Component Comparison of PET Mineral Water




PET Mineral Water

Municipal water

Calcium (Ca)



Potassium (K)



Magnesium (Mg)



Sodium (Na)





 - Cluster (water molecule) size Comparison of PET Mineral Water



PET Mineral Water

Fresh water

Purified water

Municipal water

54 Hz

105 Hz

118 Hz


※ The smaller the water particles, the better the absorption and digestion for the health of the companion animals.



- Cascading for the replacement to PET Mineral Water  

    As it may be slightly different from the familiar water taste for your companions, they may feel a bit unfamiliar.

    Please increase the amount of mineral water that your companions have already been drinking.


- Precautions

    This product is for dogs, cats.

    When kids (child) give to dogs and cats, an adult needs to watch for safety.

    Please keep away from direct sunlight, and keep at room temperature.

    After opening, please feed as soon as possible, and keep the remaining in the refrigerator.

    In case the bottle has been swollen, deformed, damaged or deteriorated, do feed it and contact the store or headquarters for council and replacement.

    Ingredients (contents) may be flouting or precipitating, but there is no quality problem.

    Please consult a veterinarian when an abnormal eucrasia of dog and cat occurs.



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Bowwow Korea Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2000
Business type
Eun-Suk Ko
Jeonggwan-eup,Sandan 5-ro, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea
Product Category
Animal Feeds,Pet food
Year Established
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Company introduction

BOWWOW Korea Co., Ltd. has exerted ourselves to realize the vision,

"the happy life with companion animals," and to supply healthy food for companion animals, as the leader of pet food manufacturing since our establishment in 2000.

We will become the company that always acts first to create the world where we live in harmony with companion animals, practicing the management philosophy, which is life respect, infinite challenge, and transparent management.


We would appreciate your support and encouragement for Bowwow Korea.


Thank You.

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