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footbridge, wpc with aluminum beam,
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2 KUKJE ST Co.,Ltd.

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    KUKJE ST’s products including fence, guardrail, footbridge, and bridge barriers are well known for their safety and sophisticated design. Owed to the well-equipped facilities and skilled workers, we design, manufacture, inspect and install all of products by ourselves.


    Footbridge is a footpath that is installed next to bridges or retaining walls. Also the product is designed to prevent any accidents as it divides spaces for cars and pedestrians each. Our product has passed safety tests under the 8kN/m² load condition such as fatigue test, structure stability test and loading test. For floor boards, we inserted reinforcing structure made of aluminum alloy into the boards so it provides rigidity and prevents torsional deformation caused by humidity. Furthermore, thanks to using KUKJE ST’s floor connectors, pedestrians don’t have to worry about exposed screws on the footbridge. There are two types of installation methods which are on-bridge installation and side-bridge installation allowing the product to be installed on any kinds of bridges.


    If you need more details please kindly visit our website www.kukjest.com.



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    2 KUKJE ST Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kyongbai Lee

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      81 Dongsansaneopdanji-ro Yeonmu-eup Nonsan-si Chungnam, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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      Traffic Barrier,Other Roadway Products

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      KUKJE ST Co.,Ltd. established in 1990, is a specialized road safety barrier manufacturer which provides fence, guardrail, bridge barrier and footbridge to both government and private sector clients in South Korea and other countries including South-East Asia. KUKJE ST has acquired over 100 intellectual properties. Based on the properties and 30 years of experience, KUKJE ST continues to invest in product research and development. KUKJE ST has an impressive record of providing products to 500 projects annually in Korea since 2008. Thanks to KUKJE ST’s professional service and dedication, the company was designated for Promising Medium Enterprise in Export for its excellent performance from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

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