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2 WellsCare Co., Ltd.

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    Product name IASO Cold Laser Therapy Device Certification FDA , CE
    Category Other Health Care Products Ingredients -
    Keyword healthcare device , lllt , wearable , coldlaser Unit Size 48.0 * 48.0 * 12.0 mm
    Brand name IASO Unit Weigh 28 g
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    Supply type - HS code 9019102000
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    WellsCare brings IASO, an ultra-compact, wearable pain therapy device.

    You can now enjoy a relaxing personal pain treatment throughout your daily life without being self-concious around others.

    The stylish, comfortable and safe, home-care laser pain therapist IASO.

    Your personal Massager on the go, whenever, wherever.

    Currently, there is a large and growing market for home healthcare devices including massage, pain relievers, but most of them are simple massage devices.

    They have no proven pain relief effects or have many side effects.

    On the other hand, IASO uses cold laser technology based with scientifically proven effects of global SCI clinical data, same as the hospital treatment technology.

    The device has the strength to differentiate itself as a safe, convenient, and wearable device.

    IASO specifically is the only of its kind in the market that gives a true-wearable experience, allowing humanity to con tinue their daily life without the burdens of investing time to treat the pain.

    Furthermore, the next IASO model will have data aggregation features, where all our users will provide their personal therapy experience with the device's smartphone APP, allowing a matchmade one-stop solution for pain management

    Dual Wavelength Light Therapy

    Light Therapy Massage(LTM) technology that is proven to have reliebing effects for various types of pain. It is effective for in home use and great for everyday treatments.


    Low Cost / High Efficiency

    This special therapy technology which was originally used only hospitals is now available to everyday consumers. This allows for pain managements to become available at lower costs, yet readily efficient.


    Compact & Wearable

    The compact & wearable design allows you to be pain free anytime, anywhere


    Heated massage

    Give a less than 40℃ warming massage effect to soothe and relieve various types of muscle pain.

    Product Name : Dual Wavelength Infrared Light Device

    Model Name : IASO-SP1

    Manufacturer : WellsCare co., Ltd.

    Exterior Size : 48mm X 48mm X 12mm

    Packaging Unit : 1 Set

    Laser Medium : 650nm(InGaAIP) / 830nm(GaAs)

    Laser Class : Class 3R (Low-level laser)

    Laser Power : Lss tham 5.0mW

    Output Type : Continious

    Emmision Time : 30min±10%

    Vibrator : Less than 15,000rpm (Fixed type)

    Battery : 3.7V, 260mAh, 0.962Wh (Li-Polymer)

    Weight : 28g

    Carging Port : 5V/2A micro USB Type

    Rated input : input power 5.0V, 2,000mA (micro USB Type Cable)

    Charging Duration :

    Charging time - approximately 60min for a full charge

    Operation time

    [When Mode 1 is in use] 2x30min session (Approximately 60min)

    [When Mode 2 or 3 is in use] 30min session + 20min session (Approximately 50min)

    Storage method : Avoid hot, damp, unclean, and dusty areas when storing the device.

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    2 WellsCare Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Sungwon Lee

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      Gwanggyo-ro Yeongtong-gu Suwon-si Gyeonggi, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Health Care Products

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      WellsCare has developed IASO(Epione) device that can safely and conveniently self-treat representative pain disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis in the home. IASO is a compact wearable pain treatment based on cold laser technology, and if you attach it to the pain areas using a patch or wearing band, the laser penetrates into the skin to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. Accordingly, we can provide a service for busy modern people to do pain care on their own conveniently and safely at any time, anywhere.


      We are specializing in medical devices led by R&D engineers who worked together at the R&D center of KOSDAQ-listed Medical Devices Company in South Korea. The most strength of our team is has the technical skills, know-how, and successful commercialization experience of developing various medical devices. Furthermore, we are grown into an organization that can product planning, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales as a medical device manufacturing start-up.

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      • IASO Cold Laser Therapy Device

        IASO Cold Laser Therapy Device

    • Verified Certificate FDA CE
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