Citron Multi-using Cheongsando Yuja-Cheng 100g

Citron Multi-using Cheongsando Yuja-Cheng 100g

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South Korea
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citron tea, sauce, yujacha, citron jam,
Other Beverages , Other Foods , Citron & Ginseng Tea

halang co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
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Product name Citron Multi-using Cheongsando Yuja-Cheng 100g Certification -
Category Other Beverages
Other Foods
Citron & Ginseng Tea
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Keyword citron tea , sauce , yujacha , citron jam Unit Size -
Brand name - Unit Weigh 100 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 0902

Product Information

Container: Tube type

Capacity :100g

-Except for the bitter seeds, Citron flesh and  peel are finely ground.

-everyone can delicious eat Cheongsando Yuja-Cheng , including children and pregnant women.

-You can eat it in many ways.


Ex1) Warm water makes citron tea.


Ex2) If you spread it on bread, it becomes citron jam. 

Children do easily. Not need spoons 


Ex3) If you put it in carbonated water, it becomes Yuzu Ade .

 It mix well in cold water and is sweeter. It's not affected by the temperature of the water.


Ex4) If you put it in my favorite healthy salad, it becomes citron dressing.

The dressing base makes delicious dressing for both oil base and mayonnaise base and plain yogurt base.


Ex5)  If you put it in a dish, it becomes citron sauce.

Upgrade my cooking skills by making my cooking taste better



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halang co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
Business type
Junga Oh
2311, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Face Mask,Facial Cleanser
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Halang Co.,Ltd is

small and medium-sized business, export promising business, female enterprise, technology capacity excellent enterprise

'Today, than yesterday, it is a slogan that is shining more than today'

Companies that allow you to make a pleasant beauty life that makes a safe and healthy product every day

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The products of the Halang are effective and more effective as used as they are together

Exporting to 6 countries where we know Halang's good products.

Main Markets

U.A.E. U.A.E.

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Singapore Singapore

Viet Nam Viet Nam

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