[1ING] Tetra Ring, Gold, Diamonds

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2 Il Inc.

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    1ING[iling], a premium jewelry brand, dreams of a world where people value themselves. We aim to make jewelry of the highest quality from precious metal materials such as silver, gold and platinum with beautiful luster, the latest expensive equipment, and skilled craftsmen.



    • The solitaire ring has one direction but the Tetra ring is not directional. It's designed to be perfect in any 360-degree angle.
    • Hundreds of stones are set up by hand. The sparkles of the stones won't be faded.
    • Never use glue for stone setting. You don't worry about the stone falling out.
    • The four-sided tetra ring is also excellent in wearing. You won't feel uncomfortable in the morning when your hands are slightly swollen. When you wear it or while you are wearing it, Always feel comfortable.
    • The Tetra ring is neither thin nor light. That's why the ring has a presence on your hand. The more rows you want, the more you can feel its presence.




    • 18K Gold (White / Rose / Yellow)
    • Created Diamond: Ring Size US 6 / ASIA 12 / 52 FR, 105 stones, 1.75 mm (The quantities of stones may vary with ring size.)
    • Width: 6 mm / 0.23 inch
    • Manufacturer: il Inc.
    • Country Of Origin: Korea, Republic of






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    2 Il Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      174 10 Jagokro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Jewelry,Costume & Fashion Jewelry,Diamond & Gold Jewelry,Fine Jewelry,Jewelry Sets

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      210.jewelry is that manufactures and distributes premium jewelry in Korea.

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