Mooas Moonlight Dual LED Clock

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Mooas Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Mooas Moonlight Dual LED Clock Certification -
Category LED Lighting
Ingredients -
Keyword clock , led clock , led lamp , mood light Unit Size 307.0 * 251.7 * 53.5 mm
Brand name Mooas Unit Weigh 507 g
origin China Stock -
Supply type - HS code 9405109000

Product Information

Mooas Moonlight Dual LED Clock

Moonlight Clock is an interior item designed to combine a mood light and a clock, which can adjust to a variety of user's context.
Upon a space and preferences of the users, the modular design is reinterpreted with different configurations and identities; a clock or a mood light, or both, mounted on a wall or table.
Also, it offers multiple functions from auto-adjustment of luminance and colors, temperature display, alarm and snooze, and more.
All these functions are operated by a small remote control.


1. A light consisting of 7 colors
Blue, Sky blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, White


2. Three Combinations
Clock, Night Light, Night Light + Clock


3. LED with 2 Colors
White, Orange


4. 12H/24H Time Mode
Displays time as PM when setting to 12 Hour Mode


5. Alarm and snooze function
Snooze time can be set from 5 to 60 minutes


6. Temperature
Celsius, Fahrenheit


7. Automatic Brightness/Color Conversion
The brightness and color change automatically during night time.


8. 3Level LED Brightness Adjustment
High, Medium, Low


9. Remote Control
Comes with a magnetic remote control

10. Time Memorizing
Time memorizing battery included

* Product name : Mooas Moonlight Dual LED Clock

* Components :

- Clock (Includes CR2032 battery for time memorization function)

- Mood light

- 2 USB cables (5m,1m) with 5V 2A Adapter

- Remote control (Includes CR2032 battery)

- Stand

- User manual


* Material : ABS, Acrylic and etc.

* Size :

- Mood light Ø240 x 30mm (D x H)

- Clock 92 x 19 x 38mm (W x D x H)

- Stand 203.5 x 43.5 x 25mm (W x D x H)

- Remote control 26 x 10 x 68mm (W x D x H)

- Full product(Everything combined) 307 x 251.7 x 53.5mm (W x D x H)


* Weight :

- Mood light 199g

- Clock 85g (Including battery)

- Stand 101g

- Remote control 16g (Including battery)

- Full product (Everything combined) 507g (Including 2 cables, adapter and battery)


* Power : 5V (Backup battery for time memorization pre-installed.)


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Mooas Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
Business type



Cheolu Moon
C-819~822, Munjeong Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center, 7, Beobwon-ro 11-gil (05836), Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Mobile Phones & Accessories
Year Established
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Company introduction

With “Smart & Simple” as a slogan, Mooas is a company that manufactures and sells home interior products
small home appliances in high quality, outstanding design and with best service, currently leading the market trend in various categories.

Based on strict quality management designed to achieve customer satisfaction, mooas offers products
at competitive prices in many online and offline channels.

The core values of mooas lies in contributing to the society by trying its best to achieve customer satisfaction and making company profits through proper business practices.

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