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Duckmyung Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1983
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Product name HSS Circular Saw Blade Certification -
Category Machinery Parts
Power Saws
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Product Information

Duck Myung Co.,Ltd (DCM) can produce HSS Circular Saw Blade from OD 50mm to 550mm and are classified into 5 tooth form and 5 coatings depending on the cutting materials and application. The High Speed Steel for this product is divided into Molybdenum and Cobalt grade. The Molybdenum grade has low brittleness, high toughness, and high wear resistance, so it is highly versatile and you can expect high tool life and cutting quality with proper coating.

Cobalt grade has almost similar chemical component but it is excellent for cutting materials with high mechanical resistance such as high tensile strength steel and stainless steel because it has an excellent heat resistance and high hardness.

Based on these factors, DCM selects the best saw parameters according to the customer's requirements and cutting environment and then produces BEST QUALITY HSS Circular saw blade for our customers.




HSS-ST is a standard product considering the economics of the tool, it is mainly used for manual and semi-automatic saw machines. It is occasionally applied for cutting structural steel and non-alloy steel, and is appropriated for continuous cutting of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass.

Surface treatment

Bright / Steam Homo



Non-ferrous metals, structural steel, non-alloy steel


Cutting Parameter

Vc : 30-50m/min(for cutting steel)



HSS-EX is able to increase a productivity and extended tool life via special geometry and increasing surface density with 2~4µm Titanium PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition) coating hereby superior coefficient of friction can help tool’s wear resistance. It is usually used for cutting tubes and profiles at high speed. It is advantageous for cutting structural steel and stainless steel. Both manual, semi-automatic and automatic machines available.

Surface treatment

Titanium nitrogen coating applied(TIN)


structural steel, stainless

Cutting Parameter

Vc : 40-100m/min(cutting for steel)

HSS-AD is a product combining high-quality heat treatment method and PVD coating applying premium high-speed steel. It is a special purpose product produced by optimizing geometry according to the purpose of use.

Steel grades and hardness are applied differently depending on the cutting environment, machine used, and cutting material of the customer. Also, it is divided into 3 types according to the application.


HSS-TUIt brings a superior cutting surface and developed productivity(for off-line cut).

HSS-FL : It applies to on-line cut off for Electronic Resistance Welding production line.

HSS-EP : It is exclusive purpose saw blades. It is designed to surface treatment  and shape according to customer’s demands. 

Surface treatment

High quality PVD coating


structural steel ,stainless, non-ferrous steel

Cutting Parameter

Vc : 50-250m/min(cutting for steel)



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Duckmyung Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1983
Business type



Young-moon An
110-50, Hyojagak-ro, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Construction Tools,Machinery Tools,Power Tools
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Company introduction

DUCK MYUNG (DCM) offers various circular saw blade for cutting steel and non-ferrous steel from 1983. DCM succeeded to localize HSS circular saw blade, and develop Friction saw blade, TCT saw blade, Cold saw blade, slitting saw blade and various knives. We offer various saw blade as customer`s request and cutting condition.

DCM is offering foreign countries customers as well as domestic customers satisfied product through know-how accumulated for 27 years.Head office of DCM is located in Bucheon city, and Second factory is located in Gyeongju city. As well as, has Honam service center, Sihwa service center and Busan office.

So we can offering quick and correct service to all customer through whole country. DCM has agency in Singapore, Vietnam, China and is offering many customers product of excellent quality to Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Poland, U.A.E. DCM does lively activity such as academic-industrial cooperation , Frontier enterprise, Inno-Biz and hold many patent and utility model, trademark right etc.. as well as keep constant technical development and qualification of ISO 9001 that is international standard by thorough quality control.

Main Markets

U.A.E. U.A.E.

Czecho Republic Czecho Republic

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Indonesia Indonesia

Japan Japan

Malaysia Malaysia

Thailand Thailand

Turkey Turkey


Viet Nam Viet Nam

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