Beauugreen Collagen&Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch (jar type) 90g/60pcs

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South Korea
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anti-wrinkle anti-aging, korea cosmetic brand, nourishing, jar and bottle,
Eye Cream & Mask , Face Mask

10 Beauty Cosmetic Co Ltd

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    South Korea South Korea

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      ISO GMP
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    Product name Beauugreen Collagen&Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch (jar type) 90g/60pcs Certification -
    Category Eye Cream & Mask
    Face Mask
    Ingredients -
    Keyword anti-wrinkle anti-aging , korea cosmetic brand , nourishing , jar and bottle Unit Size 82.0 * 45.0 * 82.0 mm
    Brand name Beauugreen Unit Weigh 192 g
    origin South Korea Stock 1000
    Supply type Available HS code 3304991000
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    I Golden giving back vitality to the skin I

    There is a fine current in the human body. When getting a gold massage, the lymph role of conveying nutrients and oxygen is doubled. because gold has the same wavelength and the micro-current of the human body.

    Gold makes healthy skin by giving skin a boost and helping to expel waste matter from the skin..Lsize[60pieces]


    Hydro-gel isawater-solublegelwithasimilarstructureasskin.Itisa new-conceptmaskwhichiseffectivefortheskinwiththeessencein thegel.Thehydrogelfacialmaskismadeofconcentratedessenceand theactiveingredientsareeffectivefornourishing,moisturizing,soothing andrejuvenatingskin.Themaskcomesintwopieces,tophalfand bottomhalf,anditisexcellentinadherenceand easytouseindailylife


    Herbal medicine of face,Collagen

    • Collagen is a primary protein in all combinations of tissue, blood vessels, bones, teeth, muscles.

    •Marine collagen, which is recognized as ‘Herbal medicine of face’ impedes the decomposition and destruction of collagen.

    •Collagen prevents wrinkles and gives skin elasticity and eases the wrinkles and skin ageing.

    •It increases moisture of the skin and maintains the elasticity.

    •Collagen protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, it prevents melasmaand freckles from skin.


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    10 Beauty Cosmetic Co Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Han Sun, Oh

    • Address

      274-14 Wonnamsandan-ro, Wonnam-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Facial Care,Nail Art,Face Mask

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    • Company introduction

      Beauty Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.

      is one of the leading Korean cosmetic companies with CGMP and ISO22716 certifications with the latest automated manufacturing system, developing and manufacturing skin care products such as hydrogel eye patch, hydrogel mask, and biocellulose mask and specialize in OEM & ODM.

      We have been exporting overseas including China, USA, UK, Czech, Japan, South East Asia and plan to expand our market abroad.

      Especially, we set up the CCMC(Customer Centered Management) as the best value of management to keep satisfying our customers. Also, We will produce new concept products to make customers happy.

      We promise our customers that we do the best to satisfy customers by having the honesty in management and business.

      For more abundunt creation of life, we will have a social responsibility of company and also will try our best to receive a reliance from customers.

    • Main Markets
      • Argentina Argentina
      • Canada Canada
      • China China
      • Ecuador Ecuador
      • South Korea South Korea
      • Mexico Mexico
      • Russia Russia
      • Suriname Suriname
      • Ukraine Ukraine
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Factory Information
      • Beauty Cosmetic Co.,Ltd
    • Main Product
      • Beauugreen Premium Essence Mask _6 Types_

        Beauugreen Premium Essence Mask (6 Types)

      • Hydrogel Mask

        Hydrogel Mask

      • Beauugreen Pullulan_Glutathione Hydrogel Mask

        Beauugreen Pullulan/Glutathione Hydrogel Mask

      • B_Lab Cupra Essence Mask _facial mask_ cupra mask_

        B.Lab Cupra Essence Mask (4 types)

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