Microfiber Super Plush Buffing Towel GD_5298

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buffing towel, drying towel, carcare towel, carwash towel,
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14 A-Top Co., Ltd.

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    Keyword buffing towel , drying towel , carcare towel , carwash towel Unit Size 40.0 * 40.0 * 0.0 cm
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    Microfiber Super Plush Buffing Towels GD_5298

    Made of super softer and denser plush pile like rabbit fur, Plush towel wipes wax and sealant etc. 
    cleanly without worrying about scratches, thereby achieving the best gloss.
    With the superior performance of this towel, you can finish polishing with only a few wipings only.
    If you are looking for the best shine as a professional, please use this towel.
    Yarn: 0.1-0.2D wedge shaped microfiber
    Construction: Circular Knit Plush
    Composition: 30% PA, 70%PE
    Weight: 520gr/m2
    Edge: KC&T(Knife Cut & Tumbling)
    Size: Any Size

    Washing Instruction
    - Machine washable Under 60℃
    - Machine Dryable Under 90℃
    - No bleach
    - No softener
    Buffing towel is washed separately
    Sealants and wax residues remaining in the buffing towel may be transferred to the drying towel during washing.
    This can seriously degrade the performance of your dry towel.
    Always wash Buffing towels separately from other towels (especially dry towels).




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    14 A-Top Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Hong Yongcheol

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      19-3 Dal-wol-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Clothing

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    • Company introduction

      A-Top is leading manufacture and exporter of microfiber fabrics items such as Lens cloth, mop pad, cleaning cloth, car care cloth, cleansing cloth, face towel and so on since we are specialized in such a delicate fiber fabrics and its manufacturing techniques.

      We are trying to develop new items for practical home living running our own developing room to create new demand and eventually to contribute to well-being lives by listening to our customers and observing their various needs.

      We realize that continuous improvement is a critical factor to satisfy customers with new business opportunity, products development and technical advance and we are seeking for our success through our customer's sucess. We lead mutual developing relation through sharing information and communication.

      We would like to share our vision and future with our valued customers by creating value, continuous improvement and win-win partnership. Thank you.


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