JUMP&GO Jump starter J20c Plus

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    Product name JUMP&GO Jump starter J20c Plus Certification -
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    Keyword car battery charger , jumpstarter , jump&go Unit Size 185.0 * 153.0 * 42.0 mm
    Brand name Jump&Go Unit Weigh 936 g
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    Supply type - HS code 8507600000
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    • STURDY & POWERFUL - With a total capacity of 24,000mAh, jump start your vehicle (All of the 12V Car Auto Jump)with 1,500A peak current and patented smart cable. Safety assured with FCC, CE, RoHS, KC certifications.
    • PATENTED SAFETY CABLE - Built-in safety circuit that only works when connected to the car battery (Patented). Red LED light turns on when polarity is reversed. Anti-spark / Anti-overheating / Reverse-polarity protection
    • SAFEST BATTERY USED - Safe and long-lasting lithium-ion polymer battery, meeting International battery standards (Certification Standards IEC62133/KC62133)
    • Convenient Package & Ultra Compact - The unit is supplied in a fabulous quality semi-hard case  also featured a red wrist carry strap, which is small enough to store in your glovebox and light enough to pack in your bag.
    • OTHER FEATURES - Two 5V/9V USB connectors, Type-C connector(Max 60W PD, )12v USB jack output terminal. It can be used as a portable power bank. Strong flashlight included for night use.


    [ HOW TO USE ]


    1. STEP - Connect the Smart cable to the main socket in product
    2. STEP - Connect a Red Clamp to the positive battery terminal and a Black Clamp to the negative battery terminal
    3. STEP - Start Your Car





    1. Be sure to read the manual before using it
    2. Make sure that the positive and negative terminal of the emergency start cable is not in contact
    3. If the emergency start does not start after more than 3 attempts, Check the condition of the vehicle
    4. Disconnect the battery from the vehicle within 30 seconds after the car starts


    More powerful
    Jump&Go J20C PLUS

    Enercamp’s new J20C PLUS can jump most cars using 12V batteries.
    It can also be used as a backup battery for charging various electronics as well as powerful jump starter function.
    In particular, the battery capacity has been improved from 16,000mAh to 24,000mAh compared to the previous model,
    and PD charging technology has been added to enable fast charging of products using C to C types such as notebooks.







    Product Specifications

    Jump & Go J20C PLUS
    185mm X 153mm X 42mm
    Start current
    Peak current
    Battery specification
    24,000mAh (88.8Wh)



    Product Configuration




    J20C PLUS
    Pouch for J20C PLUS
    Smart Charging cable
    3-1 USB cable
    Jump starter cable
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    4 ENERCAMP Co., Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Choi Jung Sub

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      Dalseo-gu, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

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      Other Bathroom,Chargers,Digital Batteries,Other Telecommunications Equipment

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      ENERCAMP Co., Ltd. is a 35-year subsidiary of a complete company specializing in automotive battery chargers and direct current power supplies, that conducts research and development of complete products and independently sell premium branded enercamp products. 

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