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4 Oris Inc.

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    Other Pharmaceutical Packaging
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    High quality & Consistency, the keystone of ORIS strategy



    Basic requirements for ideal cutting results is the use of high-quality cutting rules that are adjusted and turned to the required application.


    Optimal harmony of durability and flexibility.
    The standard condition of DLS cutting rules is a precision drawn(shaved), high surface quality edge.
    Laser edge hardening,
    Edge-hardened rules and through-hardened rules.  


    This is a new cutting rule which has bevel sides created by double sophisticated technical process, helping it to stay much sharper cutting.

    Clean cutting, Better performance, Saving working hours 







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    4 Oris Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Incheon tower-daero, 323, Office B, #3305, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Molds,Scissors & Utility Knife,Knitting Machinery,Steel Strips,Scissors&Shears

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      "ORIS INC. & Pursuit ofValues" 

      Open-minded', 'Respect','Inventive' and 'Sympathy'



      ORIS comes from the initials of 'Open-minded', 'Respect', 'Inventive' and 'Sympathy'. Under justice, fairness, and balance, Oris Inc. shares these values and benefits with its customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, and executives.

      Oris Business being based on steel raw materials originated from POSCO, Korea's largest steel maker, and we cooperate with our manufacturing partners and factories in the field of steel materials, auto parts and various hand cutting tools.

      We conclude an agreement with our manufacturing partners and factories to supply our customers with quality products stably in a timely manner. By maintaining reliable and strong relationships with our supplier in the related sector and managing the related support system, we continuously support our precious customers with our best effort so that they actively respond to their local markets, keep their business stable, and furthermore, move forward growth and prosperity.


      The products produced or suppliedby ORIS are based on steelmaterials producedin Korea.
      Oris has partnered withprofessional manufacturers and has been pursuing our customer satisfaction bymeeting the 3 key-elements of Q (Quality), P(Price), and D(Delivery time).
      Oris ensures quality by directlyengaging in product planning, design, production and inspection through closemutual communication and discussion.
      Our product ranges are largelydivided into 5 categories as follows;
      I. Knitting needles
      II. Blades 
      III. Garden tools & agricultural machinery parts
      IV. Steel rules
      V. Steel raw materials &semi-processed steel strips


       1.Needles forcircular knitting machines

         _Circular needles

         _Flat parts : Wire needles, Transferneedles, Raschel needles

         _Spare parts : Sinkers, Knife needles

        2. Blades for industrial, home,school, and office
         _Snap-off cutter blades, utility knife blades, box cutter blades,spare blades
         _Pencil sharpener blades, trapezium blades, solid blades,custom-made blades
      3.Garden tools & Agricultural parts
         _Pruners, pruning shears, multi-purpose scissors, fruit pruners,horticulture
      scissors, Hedge shears, …

        _Pruning saws : straight saws, curved saws, folding saws, long reach pruningsaws, bush hooks, …

         _TMR mixer blades, Feed mixer knives
      4. Steelrulesandparts for die makers and box makers
         _Cutting rules, perforating rules, wave rules, zipper rules, labelrules, cut-crease rules, creasing rules

        _Coping saws for sophisticated woodworking

        5. Precision steel strips in coiland sheet
         _High carbon steel : S45CM,S50CM, S55CM, S60CM, S65CM, S70CM, S75CM, …
         _High carbon tool steel :SK-2M, SK-3M, SK-4M, SK-5M, …
         _Stainless steel : SUS301,SUS304, SUS304L, SUS420J2, SUS430, …
         _Cold rolled steel : SPCE, SPCD,SPCE, …

         _Semi-processed steel strips and spare partsafter each process below;

         _Slitting : slit edge / round edge
         _Heat treatment






        6.Customer’s Requests


    • Main Markets
      • U.A.E. U.A.E.
      • U. Kingdom U. Kingdom
      • Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • India India
      • Iran Iran
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Pakistan Pakistan
      • Syria Syria
      • Turkey Turkey
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        Pruning Saw , Hand Saw , Straight Saw 250mm ~ 350mm

      • Cutting Rules_Center Bevel_Long Center Bevel _Double Bevel__

        Cutting Rules(Center Bevel,Long Center Bevel ,Double Bevel.)

      • Perforating Rule

        Perforating Rule

      • WO 110_48 DS010 KNTTING NEEDLES

        WO 110.48 DS010 KNTTING NEEDLES

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