Vitamin Shower Filter (Ever-Vita)

Vitamin Shower Filter (Ever-Vita)

Functional shower filter that can remove residual chlorine and rust from tap water.

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South Korea
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cosmetic, beauty, hair, skin,
Other Bath Supplies , Other Body Care Products , Skin Care Set , Other Hair Care Products


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Nov 25, 2022
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2018
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Exhibition 2

Gunpo Expo 2022
Product name Vitamin Shower Filter (Ever-Vita) Certification -
Category Other Bath Supplies
Other Body Care Products
Skin Care Set
Other Hair Care Products
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Keyword cosmetic , beauty , hair , skin Unit Size 50.0 * 50.0 * 140.0 mm
Brand name EVER-VITA Unit Weigh 170 g
origin South Korea Stock 10000
Supply type OEM,Available HS code 330499

Product Information


Do you ever know shower water has rust and chlorine to damage your skin and make your hair loss in everyday without your notice?    


Because damaged body skin by shower water can’t absorb cosmetics' good ingredients and damaged hair skin by shower make rust to be inside the hair whole to damage hair roots in easily.


This is happening yesterday and will be today as well in your bathroom



We have solution



Our new Vitamin C shower filter can remove rust and chlorine in instantly while shower time.


So it can help customer’s skin well and customer satisfy to purchase your cosmetic, skin & hair care which is related beauty & health products in regularly




It sales very well and popular in Asia now



BTYLAB is specialized company for producing Vitamin Shower Filter in Korea.      


Currently we are looking for distributor which is providing healthy and beauty shower water to clients for better treatment. 






Vitamin-C Shower Filter (Brand Name : “Ever Vita”)




“” Change your shower water !! “”


Shower water contains the active chlorine component for water purification process 


But that chlorine and rust from old pipe make your skin damage as well in every day


Ever-Vita will remove all for you.




You just enjoy your shower !!




**Benefit of Ever Vita**


1.      Chlorine removal: skin protection


2.      Remove rust from water pipe by special Sediment Filter


3.      Effectively relieves skin ailments such as Atopy dermatitis


4.      Skin Beauty: Vitamin C helps collagen to prevent skin damage and helps to make transparent and 

         elastic healthy skin.


5.      Aromatherapy: Body and mind are calmed down while taking a shower.


6.      Natural moisturizer added: Moisturizing agent is contained, so it moistens even after showering.


7.      Milk Ingredients: Milk ingredients are added to help skin care


8.      Cost saving and efficiency: You can use the used shower as it is.


9.      Safety PASS



A.       Remove Chlorine


          i.         Neutralizes 99.9% of chlorine and chlorine


          ii.         Reduces chlorine-caused dandruff


          iii.         Prevents respiratory problems caused by vaporized chlorine



B.     No Benzene


C.     No Butylated Hydorxytoluence


D.     No Diethanolamine



**How to Install**


1.     Simply install Ever Vita Vitamin-C Shower Filter to your shower pipe as shown in the diagram on box.


2.     Once the tap water passes through the filter, Vitamin-C is released into the water to neutralize up to 99.9%


        of chlorine and generates abundant antioxidants to protect and rejuvenate your skin and hair.





◦  Usage : Shower


◦  Product Weigh : 170g 


◦  Product Size : 50*50*140


◦  Usage : 7,200L_120L per day Average 30~45 days




**Delivery Time and Logistic Information**


      1. Delivery Time: 10 ~ 20 days for 5,000 pcs 


      2. Port of Shipment:  FOB (ICN / BUSAN)


      3. One Carton Box for 50 pcs (580mm x 280mm x 180mm)


          Net weight : 170g x 50 pcs = 8.5kg


          Gross weight : 9.5kg


      4. HS-Code : 842199








Vitamin shower filter has many different qualities from low to high.


The most important part is Vitamin Gel's formulation with Vitamin C quantity.


If formulation is failed, it could be melt very fast with unnecessary when water remaining in side of case for long time after finish shower in daily.



In that case once you turn on shower for the beginning, all vitamin C comes out for waste.


We have special formulation with coating receipt technology with 7 years’ experience from 2014 to solve that problem.


You need to purchase other brand or contact other supplier to be compared.


You must test product by yourself in time to time.


There are two type of supplier in this business field.


We are main supplier for vitamin C shower filter raw material to OEM buyer in Korea for 7 years


You can visit our factory and see the production in anytime 



Other brand is not making vitamin gel (Raw Material) by themselves.. their quality always will be different. 


So they use our vitamin C in the beginning and then they try to mix with low quality raw material from other supplier or china to make more profit.


We don't play for quality (Not Less vitamin C, stable Formulation, Not Less Moisture Ingredients, Direct from Factory)







1. Beauty Concept (Ever Vita) English :  https://youtu.be/iS-WfVlOEBw



2. Healty Concept (Ever Vita) English : https://youtu.be/6Zewzow7Z7k



3. How to remove Chlorine by (EVER VITA) Vitamin Shower Filter : https://youtu.be/EV-EsbBNtuM




WEBSITE: www.btylab.net 










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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2018
Recent Visit
Nov 25, 2022
Business type

Exhibition 2

Gunpo Expo 2022
UNIT 85407, 2066 SEOBU-RO, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Other Body Care Products
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Company introduction

BTY LAB is a Korea manufacturer of beauty supplies and sells a functional vitamin shower filter for skin care by removing chlorine from tap water.
BTY LAB is exporting for OEM brand in many countries such as Thailand, Russia, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Ukraine, Germany, Poland,China,Singapore,Saudi Arabia.

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Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

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