Portable Urine Detector (P-100)_for the baby

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baby care, senior care, urine detector, daiper rash,
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    Product name Portable Urine Detector (P-100)_for the baby Certification -
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    Keyword baby care , senior care , urine detector , daiper rash Unit Size 50.0 * 20.0 * 90.0 mm
    Brand name PAROOS Unit Weigh 49 g
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    Portable Urine Detector (P-100)_for the baby



    Diaper care to make your baby happy!
    It is a portable urine detector that checks when to change diapers easily and conveniently without putting stress

    on the baby while wearing clothes without any influence of electromagnetic waves.


    ■ PAROOS Advantages
    - Check diapers without putting stress on the baby!
    - Check the diaper without waking the baby sleeping!
    - Check the diaper any time while the baby is dressed!


    ■ Main Function : Checking the wetness of the diapers or pads without taking off clothes.


    ■ Technology : Sensor
    - Press button with sensor area in full contact on top of clothes.
    Indicates wet urinated area with red light, the unwet area is indicated by green light.

    - Based on the wet diaper area, you can choose to change the diaper.


    ■ Using Areas  : Babies
    -  Home, Baby-care centers, etc.


    ■ Who need  : Moms, Caregivers, Nurses, etc.


    ■ Product range : Paroos provides two different models as per different sensor power range.
    P-100 is intended to be used for one diaper. It detects through the clothing less than 4mm(Within 0.013ft ) in thickness.
    ※  P-200 : 5~10mm(0.017~0.033ft) thickness of extra cover(Thick clothing etc) excluding urine-absorbing diaper.


    ■ Power consumption : up to 18months if used 24 times a day





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    14 DTRON CO., LTD.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      VENTURE-RO 82,#315-I, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Baby Safety & Care,Other Medical Consumables,Other Health Care Products

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      DTRON CO., Ltd company was established in 2000 and has developed, manufactured, and sold portable urination detector for babies and seniors. This product[Brand name is PAROOS] is for measuring diaper wetting for seniors and babies is now looking forward to can be very useful in your hospital or nursing facility. 

      PAROOS is a portable urine detector that tells you if diaper is wet or dry without taking off clothes. With no electromagnetic waves, instant detection of a wet diaper with the press of a button.


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