D2 Braille Kiosk Module

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    D2 Braille Kiosk Module





    Kiosk module is composed of 20 Braille Cells and the number of Braille Cell is adjustable.

    This is an electro-mechanical device allows a People of blind and/or visually impaired to read the contents of a display one text line at a time in the form of a line of Braille characters, usually by means of electronically raising and lowering different combinations of pins in Braille cells.


    Each Braille character consists of eight movable pins in a rectangular array.

    The pins can rise and fall depending on the electrical signals they receive.
    By integrating this module into the Kiosk, the disabled users whether blind or visually impaired can read the screen contents as Braille characters.






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      Ju Yun, Kim (Eric)

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      Gasandigital 2-67, 20F, 2002, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      To be able to walk freely in the streets everyday
      Dot has self developed an innovative and
      futuristic multi-actuator and applied it to its products
      Solving the base problems of size, price and functions of
      the existing Braille devices for the visually-impaired
      Targeting to offer a solution to the invisible information
      accessibility gap that exists everywhere.


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