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2 Orion Display co., Ltd.

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    LCD Modules
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    ▪ 4.2" Dot-matrix E-paper (EPD / E-ink Screen)
    ▪ Dimension : 105.3 x 94.5 x 12.3 (mm)
    ▪ Active Display Area : 84.8 x 63.6 (mm)
    ▪ Working Temperature : 0~30℃
    ▪ Removeble Battery : 2400mA/ Max. 5 Years
    ▪ Minimum Cost for Printing for environmental preservation
    ▪ Easy to manage the price and control from the HQ
    ▪ Uniformed & Creditable price and Fastest TAG Transfer and Changed
    ▪ Rapid promotion with one input from the HQ
    ** Available Demo kit






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    2 Orion Display co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President


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      217 1gongdan-ro Gumi-si Gyeongbuk, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      LCD Modules

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    • Company introduction

      ORION Display Co., Ltd. has been deeply rooted in the ever-changing world of plasma display technology since the innovative introduction of the world’s first 84” plasma solution designed with four adjoining multi plasma display panels (MPDP).Orion PDP was established in 2002 as a spin-off from Orion Electric, the first CRT manufacturer established in 1965, to focus on the further development of the MPDP business.


      The Orion MPDP modular video wall solution was adopted on a worldwide basis due to the unique capability to perform brilliantly with limited depth and in ambient lit environments including network operations centers, broadcast sets, live events, houses of worship, corporate environments and digital signage.


      Orion PDP has morphed to adapt to the clients requirement for additional display solutions including LCD, DID and LED, rebranding as ORION Display Co., Ltd. to encompass this change. ORION Display Co., Ltd. steadily grows as a display manufacturer with global reach and a portfolio of highly valued, innovative products based on breakthrough technology.

      With the accumulated development know-how on unique products and the incessant efforts for breaking new market territories, ORION Display Co., Ltd. will continue to excel as an unmatchable professional manufacturer in the varied niche markets of the ever-growing digital signage market.


      Technical innovation is at the very core of our product development, giving ORION Display Co., Ltd. a strong competitive edge positioning ORION Display Co., Ltd. as a key player in the digital information display world.


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      • ETAG2_13


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      • ETAG7_5


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