Boogie Board_Sketchmon 20

Boogie Board_Sketchmon 20

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South Korea South Korea / 2003
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Boogie Board_Sketchmon 20





Three new Boogie Board Sketchmons released by MPGIO have various functions such as writing, graffiti, drawing, and memo, and are available for children of all ages, from children to adults.


In particular, Sketchmon 8.5 and Sketchmon 8.5C are thin and lightweight for easy portability, and Sketchmon 20 is a 20-inch wide screen that can be used for various purposes. Also, MPGIO explained, “The Sketchmon product is an eco-friendly product that can save about 100,000 sheets of paper and save 3 trees because it can use about 100,000 times using batteries.”


In addition, “'Sketchmon 20 is a product that can be used in many places such as cafes, homes, offices, etc. because it can prevent erased memos with the erase lock function.”
Actually, the product of MPGIO Sketchmon 20 is frequently used as a signboard for cafes, menu boards, children's bulletin board sketchbooks, and office whiteboard substitutes. In addition, the


Sketchmon 8.5 product can be thinned and used for notes, problem solving, and writing. Sketchmon 8.5C is a color version that combines several colors, making it easy to use for children's graffiti, drawing, etc.





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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
Business type
MPGIO Bldg., 98 Uijeong St., Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Electronic Data Systems
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Company introduction

With over 16 years of experience in IT manufacturing, MPGIO has developed a name for itself as being specialists in the development, manufacturing, production, and sales of computer products within the competitive Korean market. Building on a firm foundation built by loyal consumer demand for MP3 players, PMPs, mobile phones, automobile dashboard recorders, and Tablet PCs, MPGIO had the vision to see the need for quality, affordable educational devices around the world.

 Customizability, reliability, and price competiveness are the key factors which have allowed MPGIO to rise above the competition and gain dominant market share (60%) in the smart education market against otherwise dominant players including Samsung, LG, and ECS. MPGIOs distinct ability to pair MPGIO devices with business partners who create and distribute quality content meant that MPGIO was able to provide a complete system for private and public educators alike.

 In 2015, MPGIO once again looked ahead to evolving customer tastes and needs. What we saw was that the need, particularly in the tablet market, for a modern, light, and powerful mobile device for students designed from the start to be used as a study device for hours on end, year after year. Not only did such a device not exist, but alternatives were sold either for far too high a premium for cash-strapped school districts or were constructed so cheaply they were better used as weights and bookends.

 MPGIOs solution has been to form a partnership with Intel where the goal is to design and create an education purposed tablet loaded with Intel Education Solutions (IES) software by Q3 2015. Merging MPGIO know-how with Intel architecture and a wide array of amazing software will make education truly smart, bringing classrooms around the world into the 21st Century.


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