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Face Shield

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     Material

    • Frame : Styrofoam (Black) • Visor panel : PET
    • Strap : Polyester

     Protective abilities

    • Protects eyes and face from splashes from coughing in respiratory patients.

    • Helps prevent aerosols generated when spraying disinfectants from directly contacting the eyes or face.

    • Protects the face when light weight liquids and powders are scattered.

     Features
    • It has an ultra-lightweight frame and panel, which minimizes wearer fatigue.
    • A soft sponge is used on the forehead to ensure good fit and prevents sweat from flowing down.
    • Protects the face and neck with sufficient length and width, and protects both sides of the face by bending.
    • Can be worn over glasses and masks due to proper spacing to the panel and face surface.
    • Does not interfere with wearer breathing and conversation.




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    2 Zontral.Co.Ltd

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