Clean Sterilization Tissue

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SM Clean Sterilization Tissue
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Sterilization Equipment

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    SM Clean Sterilization Wipes kills the COVID-19 Virus!

    Alcohol free disinfecting wipes eliminate 99.9% Viruses and Bacteria, helps reduce bacteria content that could cause skin infections.


    All-Purpose Disinfecting Wipes : These all-purpose disposable wipes common use cleansing of skin around minor cuts, scrapes, and burns and remove common allergens, germs and messes on surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces and safe to use on toys and more.


    Safe ingredients : our moist towlettes are paraben free, sulfate free, bleach free, alcohol free. Active ingredients include benzalkonium chloride.


    Ultra soft fabric wipes : It’s alcohol free sanitizer wipes are made of extra soft and high quality emboss texture sheets. Soft yet durable with silky texture and gentle on the skin.


    Perfect for the Holidays & Travel : This cleaning wipes designed to be portable and easy to carry, flexible packs that allow you to easily dispense, clean, and sanitize your hands and skins while traveling, working, eating or wherever you happen to be and make it easy to stay fresh wherever you go!


    - Active Ingredient : Benzalkonium chioride  liquid 0.2mL out of 100mL

    - Capacity : 80pcs/pack

    - US FDA OTC NDC No 75697-0003-1, 460g



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    2 shammah pharm

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Jee sung il

    • Address

      43 gatbachi ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Pharmaceutical Chemicals

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    • Company introduction

      Shammah Pharmaceuticle co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells personal hygiene products(Over the counter Drugs)directly,was established in November 2018. 

      Our company's representative product, SM Care Hand Sanitizer, not only meets WHO's recommended ethanol content of 75%, but also has a high quality that exceeds the US FDA approval standard of 80%, and specializes in producing and selling disinfecting tissues and alcohol swaps. 

      Our company has been certified by ISO 9001 and SM Care Hand Sanitizer and SM Clean Sterilization Tissue and Alcohol Swab are registered as Over The Counter Drugs of the US FDA

      In recognition of these matters, it was also selected as ‘Brand K’, which was awarded to excellent products by the Korean Government in May 2020.

      In addition, we believe that the company will play a leading role in the medical examination market by developing disposable endoscopic disinfectants, and we have set a clear goal of promoting national health by speeding up the development of pads required for MRI scans, and are focusing on infectious disease management projects.

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    • Main Product
      • Hand Care Sanitizer

        Hand Care Sanitizer

      • Clean Sterilization Tissue

        Clean Sterilization Tissue

      • Swab


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