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    Keyword leaf , skin booster , plasma device , ozone free Unit Size 42.0 * 190.0 * 40.0 mm
    Brand name LEAF FUSION PLASMA Unit Weigh 120 g
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    What is Fusion Plasma?


    It is the 4th energy-plasma based skin beauty technology which has recently been attracting attention in various fields.
    Because it does not react with pigment or moisture, it can access deeply into the skin efficiently, and it does 'new aging care’ which was not possible with traditional cosmetic devices thanks to various unique effects  of plasma.
    It is the world's first developed new beauty skin technology combined with Electroporation, micro current and other basic beauty skin technology. 

    Effect of Fusion Plasma on Skin.


    Plasma transfers a lot of energy to the tissue structure in the skin, helping to regenerate new skin

              - Induces skin regeneration

                : Induces thermal deformation on the outside of the skin to form new collagen in the dermis,

              - Solves pigmentation  

    : Suppresses melanin pigment caused by microthermal damage to the skin where plasma was stimulated

    ⇒ Reduces wrinkles by inducing continuous skin regeneration by suppressing blotches, spots, freckles, etc.


    Compared to other skin care methods, the effect can be seen in a short time. Also side effects like thermal damage of the tissue (erythema, pigmentation) are minimized.

    *Synergy of fusion plasma and electroporation

    Step 1: Micro-channel formation by Fusion plasma + lifting effect

    -Formation of fine channels in the stratum corneum by Fusion plasma energy;
    -Since the passage is formed only at the fine depth (up to 0.1 mm) to the stratum corneum, a basic primary passage for infiltration of the active ingredient of cosmetics is secured without noticeable skin damage;
    -Spot heat stimulation → heat deformation effect → outside skin → induction of skin regeneration → lifting action.

    Step 2: Securing passage by 3rd generation electroporation 

                 and inputting active ingredient


    -Step 1 : Pore formation due to increased field strength and cell membrane permeability by short and large pulses;
    -Step 2: saves pore and electronically moves the active ingredient down the stratum corneum


    *Leaf Solutions


    Product name : LEAF FUSION PLASMA
    Model name : DFP-2000
    Level control : 3 levels
    Control button: Fusion Plasma, Smart Boosting, Micro Current
    Power: Built-in lithium polymer 3.7V 420mAh
    Power Consumption : 1W max
    Usage time : If fully charged up to 10 days when using 10 minutes per day
    Charging type : standard micro USB (Connect with computerUSB port or mobile phone charger)
    Product composition : main body, cradle, micro USB charging cable
    Size : 42(W)x190(H)x40(D)
    Weight(main body): 120g




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    9 GCS Group

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      GCS Co.,Ltd has contributed to human life through products that provides innovative technologies, convenience, and customer values to our precious customers. GCS Specialized in manufacturing beauty medical beauty devices and cosmetics. 

      Due to the high quality standard of our products and their usability, GCS to become a global leader as a healthcare and beauty care company.  We strive for innovative technology leadership throught working together with many advanced bio-venture companies. We will benefit you with our faith and trust. 

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