anticontamination clothing, protective clothing, safety clot

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protective clothing, isolation gown, nonwoven garment,
Other Hospial Furniture

2 JN corporation CO.,LTD

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    By using an elastic folding band on the ends of the hood, sleeves, and the waist, we can prevent the virus from coming in. 


     The fabric itself is antibacterial and waterproof; however, the body parts that are exposed need to be covered by protective gear, such as masks and gloves. 


    We have used a special piping technique on top of the overlock-finish in order to not expose the needle holes even when the fabric is pulled via various body motion.  Please note that there are protective clothing that just have the overlock-finish.  There is also a technique called Seam Sealing Tapes finish, but we have chosen the piping technique, considering the best price and efficiency.



    We use two types of non-woven fabrics.  

    30g of non-woven fabrics and 50g of  (Polyethylene) non-woven fabrics are used. The function is the same as protective clothing, but it is produced in two different weights due to the supply and demand route of non-woven fabrics. Please notice!   

    Clients must select which one to go with before placing an order.

    For your reference, PE (Polypropylene) is  the weight of the nonwoven fabric before processing.



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    2 JN corporation CO.,LTD

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      South Korea South Korea
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      280 Dongsomun-ro Seongbuk-gu Seoul, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Medical Consumables

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      당사는 일본의류수출업체로서 2009년 개인회사로 시작하여 2019년 3월29일 Jncorporation Inc 법인회사로 성장해왔습니다.10년간의 일본으로의 의류제조 수출경력으로 일본의 까다로운 품질검사에 적응되어있는 품질우선주의의 의류제조무역 업체입니다.자체 샘플연구실을 운영하여 봉제기법과 품질향상을 위해 항상 노력하고있습니다.
      그러던중 이번 코로나 사태로인하여 일본의 바이어의 의뢰로 방호복과  Isolation gown 의 연구가 시작되어 원단 컨택, 원단생산공장(polypropylene)루트를 확보하고 polyethylene의 가공업체확보및
      대량 라인생산(가산디지털공장)과의 협력으로 원단수급과 생산라인확보가 가능해졌습니다.
      이에,일본뿐만이 아니라 전 세계에 코로나19로 인하여 고통받고있는 모든 분들께 당사의 방호복과 Isolation gown이 전달되기를 기원합니다


      As a Japanese clothing export company, we started as a private company in 2009 and have grown into a Jncorporation Inc corporation on March 29, 2019.
      It is a quality-first medical manufacturing and trading company that has been applied to Japan's demanding quality inspection due to its 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting clothing to Japan.
      We operate our own sample laboratory to improve the quality of the products and the quality of sewing techniques.
      In the meantime, due to this corona incident, research of protective clothing and isolation gown began at the request of a Japanese buyer to secure a fabric contact, a fabrication factory (polypropylene) route, and supply and demand of fabrics in cooperation with a mass production line (additional digital factory). Through cooperation, it became possible to supply and demand fabrics and secure production lines.
      In addition, we wish our protective clothing and isolation gowns to be delivered not only to Japan, but also to everyone suffering from Corona 19 worldwide.


      当社は日本のアパレル輸出企業として2009年自営業からはじめ、2019年3月29日 Jn corporation Inc 法人会社設立へと至りました。当社は10年間、日本向けアパレルメーカー輸出の経験により日本の厳しい品質検査に合格したものだけを生産し、品質の高さを誇るアパレルメーカー貿易会社です。自社はサンプル研究室を運営し、縫製技法と品質の向上のために努力を惜しみません。

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        anticontamination clothing, protective clothing, safety clot

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