Portable Electrolysis Sterilizing Water Maker

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    Portable Electrolysis Sterilizing Water Maker





    - Now anyone can make non-chemical and safe sterilizing water anytime, anywhere. All you need is tap water and a USB port.
    - Daelim bath's Portable Electrolysis Sterilizing Water Maker can turn your ordinary tap water into electrolysis sterilizing water in 3 seconds.
    - Electrolysis water can kill bacteria on virtually any surface from clothes to refrigerators to bathroom tiles.
    - It kills harmfull bateria such as colon bacillus, Bacillus pyocyaneus, Staphylococcus aureus, pneumococcus,

      candida and removes odors in the kitchen, bathroom, refrigierator, airconditioner and others.
    - It is a clean, safe and healthy surrounding made extremely easy in the palm of your hand.







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      Beodeunaru-ro, 84,9F, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Since founded in 1966, Daelim B&Co, has been the leading manufacturer of vitreous china ceramic in South Korea, elevating the quality of living standard through provision of high quality bathroom products. With the product range from sanitary ware, electronic bidet, faucet, and bathroom accessories, Daelim B&Co's excellent craftsmanship and consistent investment in research and development has positioned its brand as a trendsetter of bathroom fixtures in Korean market. Now, as a bathroom lifestyle creator, Daelim B&Co is expanding its horizon to the international markets. Daelim B&Co guarantee our customers with a new pleasant experience in the most beautiful space 'Bathroom'.


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