UTM/VTM Collection Swab Kit

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covid-19 test, corona swab check, diagnostic sample collection, covi-19 vtm test,
Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet


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    Product name UTM/VTM Collection Swab Kit Certification CE
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    Keyword covid-19 test , corona swab check , diagnostic sample collection , covi-19 vtm test Unit Size -
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    This product is intended for collecting, transporting, and preserving saliva, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal speciments for testing of respiratory pathogen.

    Transport media contains surfactant which helps microorganism or virus isolation and also contains guanidine to safety store nucleic acid.


    ●Testing Accuracy

    - Two brushes to secure enough nasal and oral saliva samples

    - Safe transport of samples by inactivating microbes and visuses

    - Visual checking of contamination using the indicator

    ●Stability of Human Body

    - Reduction of exposure to hazardous substances by using harmless water-based adhesive to attach brushes


    - Automatic removal of brushes when the sopper is opened after transport


    MOQ : 30,000 Tests / 600 Kits (= 75 CTNS)

    Storage : Room Temperature (18 ~ 25℃)

    Shelf-life : 12 months



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    14 SAVE INC.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      * Ever since Save Inc.’s history began in 1988, we have only been developing new functioning products for

        better life. 

      * In order to meet quality and price required by global customers, we have been co-working with manufactures in Korea, 

        China and Southeast Asian countries.  

      * Meantime, to trade continuously in the world-wide market, we are specialized in following products range;  

      - EnSave (Fuel Saving & Fumes Reduction Device for Car)

      - ODM/OEM Skin Care & Beauty Products

      - COVID-19 Testing Kits

      - Confectionery & Foods

      - Disposable Gloves & Paper Towels



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      • Bolivia Bolivia
      • Cote Divoire Cote Divoire
      • Japan Japan
      • Uruguay Uruguay
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Main Product
      • Fuel _ Fumes Saving Device for Car _EnSave_

        EnSave (Fuel Saving & Fumes Reduction Device for Car)

      • UTM_VTM Collection Swab Kit

        UTM/VTM Collection Swab Kit

      • RNA_DNA Extraction Prep_ Kit _Manual type_

        RNA/DNA Extraction Prep. Kit (Manual type)

      • COVID_19 Rapid Test Kit _Ag_

        Self Rapid Diagnostic Antigen Test Kit

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      [IFU, 3P] Transport Medium for COVID Specification_11May2020.pdf

      KOREAN SWAB(EN)_SAVE_20200414.pdf

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