BLUE KF80 Fine dust Mask

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Blue Mask KF80
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corona, fine dust, yellow dust, covid-19,
Medical Face Mask


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    Product name BLUE KF80 Fine dust Mask Certification -
    Category Medical Face Mask Ingredients -
    Keyword corona , fine dust , yellow dust , covid-19 Unit Size 129.5 * 133.0 * 0.0 mm
    Brand name Blue Mask KF80 Unit Weigh 7 mg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 6307909000
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    The Blueindus Mask`s KF80/KF94 Funtionality


    1. Ultra-light, High efficiency Use 4 steps filter

    2. Ergonomically designed Facial Adhesion up by easy wearing

    3. By our automation line, direct production, guarantee for quality

    4. By sticking nose support fixture No flowing down, Excellent in anti-fogging for eye glasses

    5. Even for long time wearing, Elasticity of hanging on ear is good, Lower uncomfortable wearing

    6. KF94 certification approved product Excellent filter effect / Better antibacterial function than other

        company's mask.



    * The Blueindus Mask Blocking  Function of Fine Dust


    :Generally, KF80 are used for blocking the yellow dust, fine dust, and KF94 are not only used for blocking the fine dust but also has higher blocking effect than KF80 as disinfection mask for transmittable disease. Particularly, KF94 is standardized mask for disinfection provided by KFDA, it refers the performance standard of mask which can pass only above 94% of dust capture efficiency(proportion of filtering out the dust by mask).

    Blue Mask's Advantage  KF80 / KF94


    1. With 4 Steps of filters, It precisely protects even from the  fine particulate matter

    2. By easy folding structure, wearing sensation and adherence are excellent

    3. By three dimensional shape structure, Lower uncomfortable wearing



    KF80 : Filtering more than 80% of fine particles (average 0.6㎛ in size), it can protects body's respiratory system against toxic particulate matters, such as yellow fine dust, etc.




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        BLUE KF80 Fine dust Mask

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