Color contact lenses Opti-Color

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South Korea
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Optimus, Opticolor, Ultima, Noble, Toric
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10 ICK Co., Ltd.

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    Product name Color contact lenses Opti-Color Certification CE
    Category Eyewear
    Contact Lenses
    Eyeglasses & Lenses
    Other Eyewear
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    Keyword color contact lens , color contact lenses , colored contacts , contactlens Unit Size 14.0 * 14.5 * 14.8 mm
    Brand name Optimus, Opticolor, Ultima, Noble, Toric Unit Weigh -
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 9001300000
    Product Information



    Optimus Lens Design

    • Modern patterns ICK Optimus Color contact lenses
    • Fantastic color combination ICK Opti-   color Contact lenses
    • Multi-curve anterior lens designed ICK magic premiere Color contact lens
    • Excellent wearing comfort ICK Optimus beautiful Color contact lenses 
    • True-eye edge profiled comfortable wearing experience ICK Color lenses


    Features & Strengths

    . Wide power range available ICK noble color contact lenses

    . Innovative starburst limbal designed ICK pure color contact lens

    . Bigger, innocent eyes made by ICK crystal color contact lenses 

    . Optimum movement, ease in handling, extended wearing time ICK Pearl color  

      contact lenses

    . Many mystic color combinated ICK spark color contact lenses

    . Material is ICK-Polymacon Or Silicon Hydrogel

    . Manufacturing : Mould Casting(Double Coating Printing)


    . Wear Indication : Daily, Weekly, Monthly wear soft lenses

    . Packing : Vial , Blister pack

    . UV Block : 99% Protect

    . Certification : ISO 13485 / CE / KGMP


    Innovative Material

    ICK ContactLens has researched and developed ICK-Polymacon as an innovative material to produce hydrophilic contact lenses that are less irritating to your eyes.

    ICK-Polymacon keeps your eyes moist and prevents dry eyes with comfort even when you wear your contacts for a long time.



    Moisturizing Effect Test

    OPTIMUS(ICK-Polymacon) / Existing contact lens (Polymacon)

    ※ As a result of an 8-hour moisture test, OPTIMUS (ICK-Polymacon) maintains more than 95% of the moisture.



    Double Coating Printing(DCP) Method

    ICK Contact Lens manufactures safe contact lenses that do not put a strain on your eyes due to the double coating printing (DCP) method,

    which prints pigment between lens materials, keeps the pigment from touching your eyeballs or being decolored,

    and makes the surface of the lens even.



    Multi-curve Design that Provides Clear Vision

    ICK ContactLens‘ multi-curve design minimizes aberration (a phenomenon in which an image is out of focus) so you can see objects more clearly and sharply.

    You'll get a clearer view from your lenses than any lenses you've ever worn.



    Soft Edge Design

    ICK ContactLens designs contact lenses with TrueEyeEdge, which reduces the angle of the part contacting the eye to provide a comfortable fit at all times.

    The ergonomically designed soft and thin edge design reduces eyestrain by minimizing friction in the cornea.

    . Base Curve : 8.6 mm

    . Diameter : 14.0 ~ 14.8 mm

    . Power Range : 0.00 D to - 12.00 D

    . Light Transmittance : 97%

    . UV Blocking : 95%


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    MOQ 30000 Leadtime Negotiable
    Payment Options L/C,T/T Shipping time Negotiable

    10 ICK Co., Ltd.

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      Nam, Ju-hee

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      Danwon-gu, Gojan-dong, 727-2, Hyundai Town,2F, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Eyewear,Contact Lenses

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      ICK Co., Ltd. satisfies customers by creative challenge, innovation by professional research staff and attitude to respect even smallest request of customer, and makes an effort to make better world to live together by returning love from customer to the society through continuous volunteer activities for multi-cultural family in need and unfortunate elderly.

      "Customer first" mind means to solve small inconvenient firstly by continuously researched and developed new technology. This is the purpose of ICK Co., Ltd., and the first goal to be protected over 500 years. It is because the customer is a friend and partner living together with ICK Co., Ltd.

      ICK Co., Ltd. promise to customers as follows:
      Firstly, "Your Vision, Our Mission"
      Secondly, "Together with you, forever"
      Thirdly, "Do a truthful, charity, and customer oriented business"

      All staff of ICK Co., Ltd. would make innovative, challengeable, honest and fine company to be the best in the world by their unique personality and self-development in order to customer's eye health and healthy life of humankind.

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      • Color contact lenses Opti_Color

        Color contact lenses Opti-Color

      • Toric color contact lenses

        Toric color contact lenses, Clear

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