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handsfree, headgear, headset, cyclear,
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    South Korea South Korea

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    • KITA
    Product name Handsfree for helmet Certification CE
    Category Consumer Electronics Ingredients -
    Keyword handsfree , headgear , headset , cyclear Unit Size 130.0 * 90.0 * 60.0 mm
    Brand name cyclear Unit Weigh 75 g
    origin South Korea Stock 1500
    Supply type Available HS code 8517626090
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    This  is a device that is connected to a smartphone and generally recognizes sound through vibrations
     in the ear's eardrum, which is a human auditory organ, but this technology can be easily detached from
    and attached to a helmet and can be used without restrictions on activities such as exercise, driving, etc.,
     and can prevent symptoms of hearing loss due to long-term use.
    It is a product that can solve the risk factors of blocking external sound due to conventional earphones
     and that can be connected to smartphones and Bluetooth to listen to phone calls and music with both hands free.

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    4 DAEMAN CO. LTD.,

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Yong - joon Cho

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      Songnae-daero,388,201-203 Bucheon Technopark, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Bluetooth & Wireless

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      Our company has just begun a new voyage in order to unlock new values and grow continually in the ever-changing business environment that we are in.
      We expect that such differentiated technologies will contribute to quality competitiveness and productivity. Daeman Co., Ltd. will continue to grow as an IT company that is happily intertwined with its customers.

       We appreciate your continued support and interest.

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      • Handsfree  for  helmet

        Handsfree for helmet

    • Verified Certificate CE
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