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digital door lock, door lock, push pull, push and pull,
Locks & Keys

MSCL Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type
Product name GATE-eye/DIGITAL DOOR LOCK/PUSH PULL/MSP330 Certification -
Category Locks & Keys Ingredients -
Keyword digital door lock , door lock , push pull , push and pull Unit Size 85.0 * 388.0 * 73.0 mm
Brand name GATE-eye Unit Weigh 5 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 8301401010

Product Information

GATE-eye MSP330 Push Pull Touchscreen Digital Door Lock, Fingerprint, RFID key tag, Password,  Emergency key Entry

Easy-to-use push-pull handle
plus safe fingerprint recognition
In addition to existing password and key tag verification,
fast and accurate fingerprint recognition and emergency key system,
safer and more convenient 4 verification systems!


Even when your both hands are not free,
just push to open.


A small difference in convenience changes everyday life.


GATE-eye with differentiated materials and quality
MSCL uses high strength zinc / aluminium alloy die casting body and precision parts
supplied by our own domestic manufacturing line, boasting exceptionally strong and solid quality.




① Fingerprint modules
- Adopts the state-of-the-art high spec fingerprint scanner to enable fast and easy verification, with accurate recognition for stronger security
② Voice guide system
- Informs operation statuses and function settings by voice guides for user convenience
③ 9 level volume control and 0 volume setting
- Supports the volume control of operation sounds and voice guides by 9 levels and selectively sets the volume to 0
④ Emergency key (physical key) included
- Provides a physical key for access in case of an emergency such as forgetting the password, sudden battery discharge or failure
⑤ Imaginary number function
- Prevents password theft by others who try to guess your password from fingerprints left on the touch screen or by getting a peek
⑥ Security system
- Entering wrong password more than 4 times makes every operation stop and sounds loud alarm to prevent theft.
⑦ Intruder detection and damage warning
- Makes a loud alarm sound if someone tries to damage the product or force open the door to break into the house
⑧ Electric shock disabling security system
- Uses a circuit that prevents door opening against electric shock for enhanced security
⑨ High temperature sensor (e.g. against fire) and automatic open system
- Makes a sound alarm if it detects high temperature (65℃±5℃) enough to suspect a fire within the house and gets unlocked for quick evacuation
⑩ Automatic / Manual setting
- Auto lock is set as default and you can change it to manual lock for like a shopping mall with frequent access
⑪ Batter replacement notification
- When battery replacement is needed, a certain number (#5) is flickering and you hear a voice guide to tell you in advance when to replace batteries.
⑫ Double-lock function
- When double-lock function is turned on, it is impossible to open door with a password or a key tag from outside.
⑬ Emergency power supply in case of battery discharge
- If you forget to replace batteries in time or the door lock does not work because of battery discharge,

   connect a 9V alkaline battery from outside to supply power
⑭ Home automation system connection or wireless remote control support
- With a wireless transmitter/receiver set or a portable remote control set, users can control the digital door lock nearby

  without having to operate it manually.




Basic installation


Door thickness 40-50mm(a separate order needed for an insulating door
with a thickness of 60 or 70mm or more)


- Outside (front) : 85(L) * 73(D) * 388(H) mm
- Inside (back) : 85(L) * 71(D) * 388(H) mm


- Outside (front) : Al, PC
- Inside (back) : ABS
- Handle : Al, PC


- Basic : Key tag X 3, emergency key X 2
- Optional : Transmitter/receiver set, portable remote control set


DC6V : 1.5V alkaline AA battery x 8


B2B Trade

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MSCL Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type
In Je Sik
Bucheon-si, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Locks & Keys,Other Security & Protection Products
Year Established
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Company introduction

Circular Letter - MSCL Co., Ltd.

The world's Best Digital Doorlock manufacturer - MSCL Co., Ltd.
Dear Sir/Madam,
MSCL Co., Ltd. is a Korean digital door lock manufacturer.
Since 2004 when we started the business, we have dominated the front door market for luxury villas and houses for more than 10 years.
We take care of all processes from product development, die casting and assembly in our own facilities in Korea.

MSCL produces total hardware ranging from digital door lock to swing bar lock, door stopper, push pull door handle set, hinge and electric door lock necessary for door, and conducts precision tests to provide high quality products to customers.

MSCL has obtained customers' satisfaction and trust for its product performance.

In addition, our manufacturing process and products are KS/KC and ISO certified and therefore highly reliable.
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South Korea South Korea

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Production Plant,

Die Casting Plant

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