Modular type ENT workstation_XU5 Visual

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    Product name Modular type ENT workstation_XU5 Visual Certification CE
    Category Other Equipment
    Other Clinical Analytical Instrument
    Other Monitoring & Diagnostic Equipment
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    ENT Treatment unit

    ▶Model: XU5 visual


       A. FEATURES ;
     - Various color selection: Blue+White (Standard)
                                              Red+Black, Bronze+Black, Cyan+White, Silver+White (Option)
         - Modular Type ENT workstation
         - Smooth moving casters on each module
         - Various functions of swivel holder: Irrigation / Pen light / Spray / Suction
         - Air compress & vacuum pressure can be controlled by external control knob 
         - Central-control system by 7" LCD touch screen
         - Damping rail for drawers to better protect medical tools
         - Drawer type with UV lamp to keep instruments sanitary
         - Temperature adjustable irrigation system (option)
         - A fully-automatic drainage system (option) 
         - Main instrument tray has heating function with foldable acrylic cover  

         - Able to add sub table for users convenience








       1. XU5 Visual



    - Spray / Suction : 3 EA / 1 EA



    - Mirror quick Heating /  Politzer / Instrument Heating Tray : 1 EA / 1 EA / 1 EA
    - UV Sterilizer for endoscope (drawer type) : 1 EA


    - 100mm CAN / Drawer / Basket : 2 EA / 4 EA / 1 EA


    - Camera with holder, Adaptor lens : 1 EA



    - LED Light source : 2 EA



    - Light guide cable : 2 EA



    - Holder : 1 EA for flexible fiber scope / 2 EA for rigid endoscope / 1 EA for head light)
    - LCD monitor with Arm set : 1 EA



    - Foot switch with double pedal : 1 EA



    - Wireless torch & penlight : 1EA / 1EA



    Optional items: Irrigation / Auto drain



       2. XI5




    - Instrument tray with foldable cover, dividers : 1 EA


    - Writing surface, Swivel keyboard holder, Mouse table : 1 EA for each
    - UV Sterilizer for endoscope (drawer type) : 1 EA


    - Drawers : 3 EA



    Optional item: Mirror pre-heating (#1~6, up to 60 EA mirror capacity)







    VoltageAC220V, 50/60Hz
    Current consumption1000VA(Main body)


    Power density (Free flow)100L/min
    Vacuum680mmHg (90Kpa, 907mbar(bar)), vacuum gauge
    Suction bottle3000cc
    Auto drain


    Air compress10L/min
    PressureOilless Vacuum Pump (250W)
    Max. air pressure 2.2Kgf/
    (2.25bar) ±0.7Kgf/ (adjustable),
    pressure gauge
    Spray typeliquid (Standard), powder (if necessary)

    Irrigation system (Option)

    TemperatureAdjustable 34 - 39 °C +/-1.0 °C
    FlowAvg. 200ml/min
    Type of water supplyDirect water (1/4")
    Water Filter Unit0.2 μm diaphragm filter
    400cm2 active filter surface

    Instrument tray heating temperature

    more than 35°C within 15min

    LCD Control panel

    7" Touch screen
    ( Can control Chair Up/Down/Front/Rear // heater/Light/UV/Camera/ White balance)

    Light source


    LED (White), 120W

    Intensity of radiation

    Avg. 200,000 Lux

    Color Temperature


    Light speed/radiant flux

    1710 lm

    Lamp life

    more than 60,000 hours (half permanent)

    Length of the light source cable

    ∅5 × 2m



    SDHDFull HD

    Image sensor

    1/3” CCD1/3" CMOS HD1/3" CMOS FHD


    NTSC: 768 * 494 pixels
    PAL: 752 * 582 pixels
    1280 X 720, 60 fps1920 X 1080, 60fps

    Video record

    Image transfer device (to PC): Medicam SD- USB
    - Image transfer device (to PC): Medicam HD
    - USB
    - Image transfer device (to PC): Medicam FHD
    Video Output3ea x CVBSHDMI
    (Splitter x 4ea)
    (Splitter x 4ea)
    Length of the camera cable1.8m1.8m1.8m

    Endoscope quiver

    Endoscope Storage

    For rigid x 4ea
    flexible optics x 1ea (max. tube length 500 mm)
    UV scope drawer x 2ea
      (up to Max. scopes 15ea)

    UV wavelength



    more than 35°C within 15min
    DimensionXU5Visual+XI5: 1046(W) x 683(D) x 960(H)mm ±10%
    Sub table: 960(W) x 760(D) x 830(H)mm ±10%
    Weight120kg ±10%
    ColorStandard: Blue & White
    Option: Red / Bronze / Cyan / Silver
    Ambient condition for useTemperature: +10~+40, Humidity: below 95%
    Protection Class (EN60601-1)Class I
    Classification according to Appendix IX EC Directive 93/42/EECClass II a
    CE MarkingCE 0124
    B2B Trade
    Price (FOB) 15000.0 USD transportation -
    MOQ 1 Leadtime Negotiable
    Payment Options Negotiable Shipping time Negotiable

    14 CHAMMED CO., LTD.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      LEE, HO-SIK

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      13Fl, A-Dong 17, Gosan-ro 148beon-gil, 15850, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Clinical Analytical Instrument,Other Examination & Testing Instrumnet,Endoscope,Laryngoscope,Other Monitoring & Diagnostic Equipment

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    • Company introduction

      Established in 2005, CHAMMED CO.,LTD. is a Korean manufacturerspecialized in ENT equipment & Endoscopic visual system.


      We have accredited certification of GMP, EN ISO13485:2012,CE-Mark, CFDA, SFDA and GD (Good design Award).

      In order to expand our international sales market, we havebeen dedicating to acquire the quality certificates continuously for product& system liability and to develop a new product to follow and meet thelatest market trend, too.


      In order to provide multiple choices and options by the customers’ preference., CHAMMED is exporting comprehensive ENT solutions such as workstations, chairs, microscopes, also specialized endoscopic imaging technologies such as 4K UHD, portable all-in-one and wireless camera to about 70 countries


      CHAMMED strives to become a company to think at the customer's standpoint with differentiated technology from other companies to lead the ENT treatment industry.


      Thank you



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    • Verified Certificate CE
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