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14 Samyoung Metal.Co.Ltd.

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    EQ joint(KS B 1547) is a press type connection system of EQ Pipe (stainless steel pipes(KS D 3595)) in which the pipe and the fitting are pressed simultaneously in a hexagonal or circular shape for sufficient connection strength. Water pressure can be maintained according to the compressive deformation of the rubber ring.

    Available in sizes 15.88mm(15SU) to 114.3mm(100SU). EQ joint will be capable of operating between -20and 110and rated 16bar.

    Applications - water supply, hot water supply, compressor air, fixed fire extinguishing systems(sprinkler systems)





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    14 Samyoung Metal.Co.Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Hye-sook Han

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      Namdongdong-ro 77beon-gil,20, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Pipe Fittings,Iron Pipes,Stainless Steel

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      EQ joint system is based on the introduction of technology from Germany and Japan, and in both countries KSD 3695 (general stainless steel piping) has been used for a long time. SAS 352 as its joint is used in water supply and heating. In Korea KSB 1547 (general stainless steel piping press-type joint) is used in various fields.

      Water pipe used hitherto in building does not last due to scale and rust deteriorating the building. But EQ joint is of stainless steel being semi-permanent without any rust and scale which make it possible to provide clean and clear water always.

      The joint can be connected after EQ joint being put in pipe which is pressed by using a tool, and then joint and pipe are he×agonally and elliptically pressed to be sufficiently connected while pressed modification of rubber ring can contribute to the reduction of construction cost.

      Our company tests all products from imports to end products through every kind of tester to diminish inferior goods rate.

      A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. And we will grow into a good company with your all interests and critiques.


      The CEO of EQ Jointech Co., Ltd. Han Hae suk

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    • Main Product
      • EQ Joint

        EQ Joint

      • EQ Pipe

        EQ Pipe

      • STS EQ JOINT 90RE

        STS EQ JOINT 90RE

      • STS EQ JOINT R_AS_M_ Adapter _reducer tee_male_

        STS EQ JOINT R-AS(M) Adapter -reducer tee(male)

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