Room Temp PCR Testing kit suitable for Point of Care Testing

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South Korea
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WizDx™ COVID-19 CrystalMix PCR Kit (CE-IVD)
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Medical Test Kit

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    Product name Room Temp PCR Testing kit suitable for Point of Care Testing Certification CE
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    Brand name WizDx™ COVID-19 CrystalMix PCR Kit (CE-IVD) Unit Weigh -
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    Wizbiosolutions, a manufacturer of PCR reagents specializes in molecular diagnostics.

    We are hoping to help the world successfully fight through this crisis. 



    Our POCT, WizDx™ COVID-19 CrystalMix PCR Kit (CE-IVD) is in a freeze-dried form, which allows room temperature storage and transportation. By simplifying experimental processes, it minimizes risks of contamination and human error. Accompanying with Ez-buffer, it takes approximately 50 minutes to get a result with high specificity and high sensitivity. 



    ● ISO certified manufacturer

    ● CE-IVD marked

    ● KFDA approved


    ● Ultra-fast 

    ● Detect RdRP gene (COVID-19) & E gene (Betacoronavirus)

    ● High Specificity & Sensitivity

    ● Lyophilized PCR kit

    ● No RNA extraction step with Ez-Buffer

    ● No PCR preparation step 

    ● Minimize human error & contamination




    Kit Contents

    - COVID-19 CrystalMix (96 tubes)

    - Positive Control (1 vial)

    - RNase-Free Water (1 vial)


    Shipping and Storage Condition

    : Room temperature (4 ~ 25ºC)








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    2 Wizbiosolutions

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      • Room Temp PCR Testing kit suitable for Point of Care Testing

        Room Temp PCR Testing kit suitable for Point of Care Testing

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        COVID-19 Real-time PCR Kit

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